• September 30, 2020
 Garcia takes SuperTrucks, Flores X-Mods, Wofford 305Sprints and Torres tops in Street Stocks at Speedway Park

Wofford takes the 305Sprints win Friday night | Photo Courtesy – Kim Wofford / Facebook

Garcia takes SuperTrucks, Flores X-Mods, Wofford 305Sprints and Torres tops in Street Stocks at Speedway Park

It was another great night of racing at Western Tech Speedway Park Friday night. With only four classes running, racers made the most of the competition across the platforms.

Fabens’ own Ismael Garcia beat veteran racer Sherman Barnett in the SuperTrucks, while it was again a battle of Las Cruces drivers in the XMods as Donovon Flores beat out Jimmy Ray.

Over in the 305Sprints, Wes Wofford’s trek down from Alamogordo paid off, as he beat Juarez’s Cesar Fuentes.

The StreetStock main was an all Southern New Mexico affair, as the top three spots were taken by drivers from the City of the Crosses; Jaime Torres took the checkered flag over Martin Robinson and Victor Colorbio.

Full results are below, courtesy Western Tech Speedway Park.


1844L   Ismael Garcia   Fabens , Tx100.00
2282   Sherman Barnett   El Paso, Tx95.00
33501   Jaime Bejerano   El Paso, Nm91.00
4401   Dave Deetz   Las Cruces, Nm87.00
51244   Christy Georges-barnett   El Paso, Tx84.00
6516   Dennis Mcmaster   Tularosa , Nm81.00
7922   Nita Deetz   Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8198   Rusty Bowen   Las Cruces, Nm76.00
91121K   Don Kleine   Las Cruces, Nm74.00
1066   Walton Kyle Sr.   Las Cruces, Nm72.00DNF
1110UNO   Brian Kleine   Las Cruces, Nm70.00DNF
12715   Odie Black   Dona Ana, Nm68.00DNF
131330   Josh Hammond   Carrizozo , Nm45.00DNS
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11107   Donavon Flores   Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2109   Jimmy Ray   Las Cruces, Nm95.00
3952TX   Paddy Rush   Horizon City, Tx91.00
4127C   John Carney   El Paso, Tx87.00
5747   Mingo Jauregui   El Paso, Tx84.00
663H   Noah Hollingshead   Las Cruces, Nm81.00
71315X   Sean Bowman   El Paso, Tx78.00
8575J   Billy Braswell   Las Cruces, Nm76.00
93612   Jose Saenz   El Paso, Tx74.00
1014747   Julio Jauregui   El Paso, Tx72.00DNF
11438   Hector Prigione   El Paso, Nm70.00DNF
1282   Jesse Haynie   Las Cruces, Nm68.00DNF
13214   Sergio Chao Sr   El Paso, Tx66.00DNF
14118JR   Ricardo Olague   El Paso, Tx64.00DNF
151582   Sherman Barnett   El Paso, Tx45.00DNS
161608   Daniel Lozoya   El Paso, Tx45.00DNS
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Border International 305 Sprints – FEATURE
1619   Wes Wofford   Alamogordo , Nm150.00
21127   Cesar Fuentes   Ciudad Juarez, Tx142.00
3318   Lorne Wofford   Alamogordo , Nm135.00
4848   Shawn Sander   El Paso, Tx130.00
51220Z   Rick Ziehl   Las Cruces, Nm125.00
6240X   Don Grable   El Paso, Tx122.00
749   Robert Herrera   Las Cruces, Nm119.00
85131   Royal Jones   Las Cruces, Nm116.00
9722   Justin Lasiter   Alamogordo , Nm113.00
101465   Richard Wilbee   Las Cruces, Nm110.00
111054   Art Quijano   Dallas , Tx108.00
12155   Joseph Hernandez   Las Cruces, Nm106.00
13136   Jett Carney   El Paso, Tx104.00
141649   Chuck Jackson   Albuquerque , Nm102.00
1594   Dylan Harris   El Paso, Tx100.00DNF
161777B   Brady Labree   El Paso, Tx98.00DNF
17177C   Cj Hulsey   El Paso, Tx96.00DNF
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1444JT   Jaime Torres   Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2521Z   Martin Robinson   Las Cruces, Nm95.00
3813   Victor Colorbio   Las Cruces, Nm91.00
4311   Cliff Evrage   Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5617   Chris Mijares   El Paso, Tx84.00
6211V   Miguel Vigil   El Paso, Tx81.00
715   Roberto Tovar   El Paso, Tx78.00
8774   Jason Josselyn   Tularosa , Nm76.00DNF
9900ET   Ed Engel   El Paso, Tx45.00DNS
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