Gem Mint
Gem Mint

Podcast: TNTM – Gem Mint Collectibles Interview

Stephen Small started off selling comic books online under the moniker “Gem Mint”. That name became how online buyers referred to him. It seemed like a no-brainer for him to use it when he launched his YouTube channel.

Gem Mint Collectibles is a channel that focuses on pop culture collectibles, most notable high-end statues, key issue comic books, comic omnibuses, and more recently Funko Pops. The channel has grown tremendously since the first video upload at the end of 2017. There are over 50K subscribers at the time of this interview.

Gem Mint is recognized as an online influencer. Statue companies and comic book publishers often send product for him to analyze and review on the YouTube channel. The in-depth videos don’t pull punches or sugar-coat the reviews. This is a major reason the channel is looked upon as a source for the quality of statues, comics, omnibuses, and now Funko Pops.

Stephen is a proponent of having the hobby pay for itself. The pieces he keeps in his collection are curated wisely for future worth. We are waiting anxiously to see what his next collection will be.

link to his YouTube channel

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