Annie’s Adventures: Ghost Stories of El Paso Volume 4 “The Smelter”

This month, local documentary film maker Jackson Polk, will be releasing his highly anticipated Ghost Stories of El Paso Volume 4. What makes this one extra special is that it takes place in the historic Asarco Smelter Plant before its demolition in April 2013.

It features El Paso’s top psychic, Lady D, and was directed and produced by Jackson Polk.

Together they will be offering three screenings to the public at the end of the month to help FB_IMG_1445052774822celebrate this Halloween season. They will be having the screenings Monday October 26th at 7pm, and Tuesday October 27th at 2pm and 7pm at 1340 Murchison in the Scenic View Ball Room.

Copies of El Paso Ghost Stories Volume 4734743_556952881001299_1945764321_n “The Smelter” along with the previous volumes and documentaries will be available for purchase as well.

The Plant opened in 1887 which was first known as Towne Smelter. The land which housed the smelter had two railroads and access to water (Rio Grande), the two major things needed for a smelter.

In 1994 the plant became known as a custom smelter and then in 1999 copper prices fell so they shut down Asarco which then resulted in bankruptcy. This video gives you a little bit of history but you mainly get to experience the paranormal side of Asarco.

This volume is by far my favorite. I was lucky enough to get to participate in the making of this and the previous three volumes of El Paso Ghost Stories. I hang with some interesting people, what can I say.

Compared to the other three volumes we have a lot more orbs and actual interactions with spirits along with seeing how Lady D actually offers light and peace to spirits to help them cross to the other side. Asarco was a very heavy place during the time “Volume 4” was filmed.

The smelter had over a centuries worth of employees and their families whose lives depended on Asarco and the jobs it provided. Safety rules were never enforced until the 1970’s so there were many on the job accidents, some of which even resulted in death.

As a result we believe there were many spirits who either could not accept they had passed, or simply just couldn’t let go of their lives at the smelter. During our time there, Lady D even communicated with a few of the smelter employees who had passed. She lit candles and said prayers for those spirits who were there and offered a loving path to go to the light or the other side as they say.

There is a portion of the film that shows the work we did with the RIPS (Research in Paranormal Science) team. It gets a lil juicy there. We ran into a grumpy male spiriFB_IMG_1445052763815t who wasn’t too pleased with us being there much less in his office.

You’ll just have to go to the video premiere at the end of the month or even better, purchase your own copy to see the rest. Jackson Polk’s documentaries are sold in various locations across town and Lady D also sells them at her shop in central El Paso, Psychic Diana Shop.

This video was a true treat for me, like a kid in a candy store. Asarco is a huge piece of El Paso history and I got to experience it in a way that nobody gets to. I even got the opportunity to stand in the middle of the main Asarco smoke stack.

I mean really, who gets to do that.

I believe through this video and the work that Lady D did, they were able to help many of those spirits by acknowledging them and helped many, hopefully all, to cross over to the light in a
loving and positive way.

I encourage everyone to go to the public screenings if you have the opportunity. At the Monday October 26th viewing Lady D will be having a “Reaching Through The Veil” reading that follows the viewing.

This is where she offers messages to people from their loved ones who have passed. For more details about the viewings or purchasing your own copies please feel free to reach out to Lady D and or Jackson Polk.

It’s always an adventure when you stick with me. As always, tell them I sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures

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