• January 28, 2022
 Story+Gallery: Global Coffee aims to give Eastsiders Unique Coffee Shop Experience

Story+Gallery: Global Coffee aims to give Eastsiders Unique Coffee Shop Experience

Enjoying a cup of joe will have a new meaning for people in El Paso as Global Coffee aims to give coffee lovers the warmest experience yet.

Using only locally roasted coffee beans, owner Erika Knoch, plans to deliver the freshest cup to its clientele, but it is the level of dedication to the craft that Knoch says will help the business be successful.

“Our motto is hand crafted with love, we really do make it with love, it comes from the heart. We’re so passionate about it that you’ll notice how passionate we are and that’s why you have to hire a great staff,” Knoch said.  “I feel so blesses to have such a great staff, because they’re just as passionate about the idea of what we want to do an we take pride in what we do. There’s no better time than now.”

Knoch had been contemplating opening a coffee shop since she was in college and that’s one reason she pursued a degree in finance from UTEP – where she graduated from in May of 2012 – to better prepare her for life as an entrepreneur.

After spending time working in banking, Knoch felt the dream of opening her own coffee shop had been placed aside for too long.  She began to move forward with her idea, one that stared during her time volunteering at a church serving coffee.

“The idea really came from working at the church and actually volunteering and I just loved the whole atmosphere of a coffee shop. You focus on perfecting a drink, but when you actually see people enjoy that cup of coffee it’s so rewarding and the fact that they like the atmosphere, like coming here, it comes together,” Knoch said. “It makes my day, I also want our team to feel the same way, to not just love the coffee and the product that we sell, but also love serving people. It’s equally the same, you can’t have a good product and have bad customer service or have great customer service and have bad product, it goes hand-in-hand.”

While starting the business had many obstacles, Knoch felt taking the risk was well worth it. She credits her Christian faith as a source of motivation and said it’s what pushed her to finally give the coffee shop a go.

“I’m faith driven, I’m a person that puts my faith completely in God, even in bad time when that faith can wander at times,” Knoch said. “I’m just a strong believer that just God has a purpose for everything…I have faith that he’s going to lead me into the right path.”

With franchises like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts in the area, a place like Global Coffee will encounter the challenges any new business faces on how it will separate itself from its counterparts.

“We want to specialize in everything like making the perfect espresso drink, making a good pour-over, making a great french press, making a great signature drink coffee,” Knoch said. “To us, it’s not just coffee, it’s almost like science–there’s so many things that comes with having good coffee, from having good water, measuring the amount of coffee the grams of the coffee the timing. We want to perfect everything.”

Specialty coffee is something El Pasoans on the East side of town have yet to experience and serving that type of quality takes time and some research to deliver.

According to the the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the brew has to score 80 points on their scale to make the grade. The quality is graded in fragrance, aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, uniformity, balance, clean cup, sweetness, and overall better taste than your average cup.

“Our coffee shop is more of a specialty coffee, our coffee beans are graded more than 80, that makes us a specialty coffee shop,” Knoch said. “We’re doing pour overs from different countries, you don’t really see that much right now. It takes a lot of focus and consistency.”

Knoch wants to give their customers an experience that makes them feel at home and she wanted not just the name, but the logo to express the service they’re aiming to provide.

“To me its selfless service, it’s not just selling a good cup of coffee, it’s more about loving people and giving them that good customer service and that great experience to where they want to keep coming back. We want to get to know our customers,” Knoch said. “The logo of it you see it all, from the cup of coffee to the map of the world to the heart, because we make things with love, it’s hand-crafted with love. Everything is incorporated in our logo, you don’t even have to see the name, global, you’ll see the meaning of Global Coffee in just the logo itself.”

An idea that started at a church and grew from Knoch’s experiences while traveling different parts of the world is now at the forefront of what she hopes to one day expand into other locations.

She wants to get coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers alike an opportunity to try something different.

The establishment will serve traditional drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and even hot chocolate, but Knoch’s idea is to bring something different for all customers to try and that’s why she said the name Global Coffee was the right fit.

“There is no perfect cup of coffee, because everyone has different tastes, I want to serve people what they want, but I also want people to try something different,” Knoch said. “You never know, you might find your favorite drink…you’re so used to a cappuccino and that’s your favorite drink, but I want people to be willing to taste something different, maybe the latte your favorite drink, maybe just a pour over your favorite drink.”

Global Coffee is located on 1513 North Zaragosa, suite F; hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., to be closed on Sundays.

Daniel L. Ornelas

Sports Reporter Daniel Ornelas was born and raised in El Paso is an Avid hiker, food lover and fitness enthusiast. Daniel is a class of 2012 UTEP Alumni and was the Sports Editor of The Prospector (2012)FULL BIO

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