The Great Khalid Foundation to celebrate Dad’s Day Out with Father’s Day Contest winners

The Great Khalid Foundation, in partnership with the El Paso Public Library, will be celebrating Father’s Day with four contest winners on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Foundation officals say Executive Director Linda Wolfe will present the four program participants with a prize package to gift to their father figure on Father’s Day.

“Father’s day is always a treat for us because we get a glimpse of the unique bond children share with the father figure in their life,” said Linda Wolfe, Executive Director of The Great Khalid Foundation.

The children will receive a pair of tickets from El Paso Chihuahuas to treat their father figure to a baseball game this summer.

“El Paso Chihuahuas are helping us make this Father’s Day so special for four families,” said Linda Wolfe, “and we all know Chico makes
every event a celebration!”

Applicants from all over El Paso submitted essays during the months of May and June sharing what makes their father figure special.

The Great Khalid Foundation: Dad’s Day Out Father’s Day Contest

Tuesday, June 15, 2021  |   5:00 PM

Judge Edward S. Marquez Library   |   610 N. Yarbrough