Photo by Andres 'Ace' Acosta - Chief Photographer - El Paso Herald Post

Greater El Paso Football Showcase’s 2018 Combine helps 59 athletes, $1.7m scholarships awarded

On Thursday, officials with the Greater El Paso Football Showcase released the results of their most recent combine for local high school football players.

“El Paso not being in a metropolitan area, it is difficult for many colleges to recruit El Paso, GEPFS head Rick Hernandez shares. “The combine focuses on Division I, II, and NAIA colleges to visit El Paso students that were not recruited by Division I colleges.”

“These colleges attend with the intent to offer scholarships immediately to the El Paso athletes,” Hernandez added. “Scholarships range from athletic, academic, or financial need base.”

As of August 28, 2019; 59 athletes received offers in the 2018 Combine and 16 athletes will be playing in the 2019 College Football season. Students scholarships total: $1,792,560.00.

The GEPFS combine has been in existence since December 2011. During the last eight years, the combine has awarded over $14.1 Million worth of scholarships to nearly 200 El Paso students.

With this year’s numbers added, the amount that the combine has awarded since 2011 increases to $15.8 Million.

35 colleges with 42 college coaches attended the 2019 combine. The colleges range from throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Kansas, Arizona, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana.

Officials with the Greater El Paso Football Showcase encourage all student athletes to sign up online at to participate in the 2019 El Paso Combine scheduled for December 20th, 2019 at the Socorro Student Activities Complex (SAC).

For more information please contact your head coach or email at