Shanty Vera and Oscar Murillo | Photo by Leonel Monroy EPISD

Irma Gutierrez Cortez Scholarship awarded to two Irvin High seniors

A memorial scholarship honoring a woman who sought to help the students of Irvin High School and the Northeast community surrounding the campus, will help two Rockets achieve their post-secondary academic goals.

Graduating seniors Shanty Vera and Oscar Murillo are this year’s recipients of the Irma Gutierrez Cortez Scholarship, which is managed by the EPISD Education Foundation.

“The Irma G Cortez scholarship was established to give students a jumpstart to their future with the hope that when they have the opportunity to help those who might also need that little extra push, in other words, pay it forward,” said her daughter Deborah Zamora.

“That was the true essence of our beautiful mom, for she helped a lot of people especially the students at Irvin High School.”

The students each will receive $500 toward their college costs. Both were presented with the scholarship last week during a ceremony at Irvin.

Story by Reneé de Santos – El Paso ISD