• June 24, 2022

Staff Report

Staff Reports are just that, Staff Reporting the news. No skew, no opinion just the news. We pride ourselves on making sure that we bring you the news as soon as it is published, submitted or sent to us. No need to have a reporter rewrite or give their opinion. The facts or information, nothing more.

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  • In general I did had my doubts about El Paso! and once again the bad worst side El Pasoans meaning the NAYSAYERS and backwards minded fools.Voted for Ricardo Samaniego as the County’s next Judge.
    It’s just like voting for David Saucedo for mayor if not worst that we will now have a pro Max Grossman
    anti downtown arena idiot.
    Expect for El Paso county corruption days to return to the county court house, I mean Ricardo Samaniago
    will end up like Tony Cobos CROOKED AND CORRUPTED. The city moves forward while the county takes us backwards, you just wait and see El Paso, you allowed a worthless self serving man defeat a very good man
    that cares about El Paso’s people and it’s future.

  • As usual, hardly NO SHOWS showed up at the voting polls yesterday enabling Ricardo Samaniego to become the next county Judge of El Paso. What a freaking let down El Paso, maybe way too much Trump Tax Cuts, Y’all so damn busy spending those $1.60 per week tax cuts at your favorite bars. To lazy to have voted anyway……

    • Awe, does High420Lonesome/Alberto/MAGA need a blankie and safe space to cry?

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