• May 28, 2022
 Happy Feet: Richardson student organizes sock drive for the homeless

Happy Feet: Richardson student organizes sock drive for the homeless

Sixth-grader Evan Lopez – thankful and mindful of his good fortune – hopes to bring warmth to homeless in the community this holiday season by giving them socks.

“Socks are the most needed item for human beings but the least donated to homeless shelters,” Evan said. “When people think of wearing things, they think of shirts or pants or shorts but not socks.”

Evan initiated a sock drive two years ago as a fourth-grader at Nixon Elementary and has continued this holiday tradition now that he’s a student at Richardson. The drive this year, however, also includes his former elementary school.

He’s collected hundreds of socks this month at both campuses and plans to deliver them in December.

“I noticed how lucky I was to have food, socks, my dad, my mom and my brother and sister,” he said. “My brother is a conservationist and he helps with wild animals. I thought if he could do that, I could do something, too.”

The selfless act is among the tenants of Richardson’s new Middle Years International Baccalaureate Programme, but principal Ragen Chappell said Evan’s thoughtfulness goes beyond the social-awareness requirements of the program. His philanthropy, she says, is a family tradition.

“We have a wonderful community that includes our amazing students and parents. The parents support the students in their endeavors to give back to the public,” Chappell said. “Evan’s family is a special family. They always wanted to do more for everyone.”

Evan’s dad, Richardson librarian Victor Lopez, has helped his son collect socks outside the library but credits Evan for the idea and its success.

“Evan is a kind soul,” Lopez said. “He has always been concerned with those that are less fortunate. This drive is an example of how he lives every day.’

The sock drive continues through Dec. 6 and both Chappell and Evan hope to see hundreds of additional pairs in the donation box. People interested in donating socks can drop off new and clean pairs at Richardson, 1350 Loma Franklin Dr., or Nixon, 11141 Loma Roja Dr.

“It makes me happy as a principal to see a student do this,” Chappell said. “But I’m even happier as a person because it shows we have good people in this world.”

Story by Reneé de Santos  |  Photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

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