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Health Foundation announces funding opportunity for nonprofits

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation seeks Letters of Intent (LOIs) from eligible organizations to promote the Health Foundation’s Strategic Plan for the Healthy Kids Initiative.

Deadline to submit LOIs is Wednesday, September 13, 2022.

Specifically, the Health Foundation seeks LOIs that

  • increase the number of disconnected youth ages 5-17 years old who participate in out-of-school time (OST) programs. Youth who are connected, are involved in out-of-school time activity, in a safe place, with a caring adult, tend to avoid situations and behaviors that compromise health while engaging in activity that promotes health.
  • increase job readiness, advance education credentials and to systematically expand paid job opportunities for young adults ages 16-24 years old disconnected from school and work. Evidence shows that early adult years are critical for building new skills through work, obtaining work credentials, and making career decisions.

Eligible applicants include nonprofit tax-exempt organizations, including churches and units of government, located in the Paso del Norte region.

For more information on the LOI, visit or contact Sandra Day, Associate Program Officer at 915-218-2617 or [email protected].


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