High School Students Advance to Nationals after Placing in Competitions at NMSU

More than 40 high school students from across New Mexico have qualified to participate in a national competition after placing first during the Educators Rising New Mexico state conference this week at New Mexico State University. Educators Rising is an organization that encourages high school students to consider careers in education

About 150 students and educators participated in the second state conference hosted by NMSU and the College of Education since the formation of Educators Rising New Mexico in 2015.

The national conference will take place June 23-26 in Phoenix. Educators Rising New Mexico will pay the registration fee for 13 students who received first-place medals.

“We are happy to see Educators Rising grow every year,” said Karen Trujillo, Educators Rising state director and assistant professor in NMSU’s College of Education. “There is a need for great teachers and we need to support these students as much as we can. This conference allows students and teachers to network, get great ideas and qualify for nationals. Last year, we had 22 people from New Mexico go to Boston. I would like to have at least 50 attend the conference in Phoenix.”

This year’s competition categories and winners are:

– Children’s Literature K-3 A: Lizbeth Gonzalez and Betty Gonzalez, Carlsbad High School, first place; Blanca Ramirez, Chaparral High School, second place; and Cora Box, Carlsbad, third place.

– Children’s Literature K-3 B: Victoria Dimas, V. Sue Cleveland High School, first place; Byanka Marquez, Gadsden High School, second place; and Amy Salazar, Gadsden, third place.

– Children’s Literature Pre-K: Tabor Holcomb and Jerekah Madron, Carlsbad, first place; Madeline Schaub, Eldorado High School, second place; Kayla Sanzara and Natalia Chavez, Eldorado, third place; Valerie Guzman and Kristy Ramirez, Chaparral, fourth place; and Leah McDonald and Amanda Valverde, Mayfield High School, fifth place.

– Creative Lecture: Patrick McLellan, Rio Rancho High School, first place; John Leppala, Eldorado, second place; Stephanie Dodd, Pecos High School, third place; and Savannah Fisher, Eldorado; fourth place.

– Edrising Moment: Savannah Fisher, Eldorado, first place; Gileen Gutierrez, Manzano High School, second place; Markiahna Ortiz, Carlsbad, third place; Isaac Gallegos, Manzano, fourth place; and Sophia Trujillo, Manzano, fifth place.

– Exploring Education Careers: Giovanna Ruiz, Mayfield, first place; and Allison Svien, V. Sue Cleveland, second place.

– Impromptu Speaking: John Leppala, Eldorado, first place; David Velez, Deming High School, second place; Abby Hobbs, Eldorado, third place; and Patrick McLellan, Rio Rancho, fourth place.

– Impromptu Teaching: Amy Lucero, Manzano, first place; Cora Box and Jerakah Madron, Carlsbad, second place; Markiahna Ortiz and Tabor Holcomb, Carlsbad, third place; and Kylie Walker, Carlsbad, fourth place.

– Job Interview: Edson Lobato, V. Sue Cleveland, first place; Kylie Walker, Carlsbad, second place; Jonnica Heater, Aztec High School, third place; Crystal Sedano, Aztec, fourth place; and Vanessa Rodriguez, Chaparral, fifth place.

– Lesson Planning: Ashley DeLeon, Chaparral, first place; Samantha Van Note, Eldorado, second place; Cora Box, Carlsbad, third place; Kelsey Sigman, Deming, fourth place; and Shelby Gomez, Mayfield, fifth place.

– Public Speaking: Abby Hobbs, Eldorado, first place; Patrick McLellan, Rio Rancho, second place; David Velez, Deming, third place; and John Leppala, Eldorado, fourth place.

To support a student who would like to attend the Educators Rising National Conference in Phoenix, contact Trujillo at [email protected] for more information.

Author: Adriana M. Chavez – NMSU

02/28/2017: Teachers and high school participants from across the state attend Rising Educators New Mexico at New Mexico State University. (NMSU photo by Carlos Trujillo)
02/28/2017: Teachers and high school participants from across the state attend Rising Educators New Mexico at New Mexico State University. (NMSU photo by Carlos Trujillo)