• May 18, 2022
 Hikers, Preservationists Upset Over Graffiti on Mountain Trail

Hikers, Preservationists Upset Over Graffiti on Mountain Trail

Over the weekend, hikers expecting to see nature’s beauty were shocked to find that vandals had struck their favorite trail.

According to social media posts, vandals spray painted rocks at the trailhead for the Ron Coleman trail, as well as other areas along the trail.

Photos taken by Rick Lobello show large rocks that had been defaced with various colors of spray paint.

Outraged by damage done, hikers and preservationists reached out to fellow El Pasoans to take on the challenge of cleaning up the mess, not just at the trailhead, but along the trail as well, and up into the cave in McKelligon Canyon.

Photo courtesy Rick LoBello

Via the El Paso Naturally webpage,  the Director of the Frontera Land Alliance, Janae Reneaud Field submitted the following tips for those wishing to clean up the graffiti.

To remove need to coordinate volunteers, buy the supplies such as graffiti remover and wire brushes or course sponges (City may have some graffiti removed they could donate) and a lot of elbow grease.

Spray paint on rocks is sometimes difficult, although not impossible, to remove. If the rock is porous, you’ll need to do a lot more scrubbing after using the appropriate removal product.

If the rock is decorative and has been polished, removal is easier.

No matter the rock, many products have been designed specifically for spray paint removal. You’ll find these—as aerosol sprays and other forms—at most hardware and home improvement retailers.  (A step by step is listed via this link)

Residents interested in helping clean up the graffiti and the trail can contact Janae Reneaud Field, at the Frontera Land Alliance, at 915-351-8352.

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