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Gallery: Hockeyville at Home! Dallas Stars shoot down Arizona Coyotes 6-3

It was the culmination of thousands of votes, hundreds of hours of hard work and an entire week of hockey-related events, but the El Paso Rhinos hosted an NHL game on their home ice Sunday night, to the delight of hardcore hockey fans in the Sun City, now known as ‘Hockeyville.’

A packed house was on hand to see the Dallas Stars take down the Arizona Coyotes 6-3.  While many in attendance wore the colors of the two visiting teams, they were surely outnumbered by the El Paso Rhinos jerseys, as well as the scores of other NHL team colors, worn by their fans.

Thanks to the game and their votes, Borderland hockey fans will now have the distinction of carrying the Hockeyville 2020 banner forever.

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