• January 25, 2022
 Hola Amigos! Welcome to the New El Paso Herald Post

Hola Amigos! Welcome to the New El Paso Herald Post

Sunrise: Visual reminder of new day
Sunrise: Visual reminder of new day

Hola, Amigos.  It’s a new day in the Borderland.  A day full of the unknown, both good and bad.  And we’re back to help El Paso focus on the good, amplify that energy and build on the long, proud tradition of reporting and journalism that the Herald Post always stood for.

But, why bring the Herald-Post back?

The Herald-Post cared about El Paso. You looked forward to getting the afternoon paper, because things had happened in your city since the morning paper was printed at 2am.  The news you read in its pages had a connection to you and your family.

In those pages, you cared about what you read, and your opinions mattered. It was neither gratuitous nor unnecessarily invasive in mindless detail.

It all went away in 1997. And we began to drift, pushed by the currents of breaking news, normal weather now branded as ‘dangerous’ and ‘look-at-this’ reporting.

Then 9/11 happens, live on TV, and that type of coverage is cemented into our brains, a new template for all to follow – like it or not. News has to be BEYOND immediate, and you need to see this thing right now. All of it a visual competition, with each bit attempting to outdo the previous story/link/video.

Planes into buildings not enough for you? How about this traffic cam footage of a drunk driver plowing into the back of a cheerleader’s car, killing her?  Ok, now look at this, here’s a rollover, and another. Do you have a picture of a wreck? Send it in! Tell us what you think about it!

We all got caught up in the visual aspect, following it up with obvious reporting (“How do you feel now that your brother-sister-relative-friend is dead?) rather than asking the larger question: how does reporting on a negative make things better?

Opinion has fared no better, being reduced to 144 characters or a meme involving a Minion or some other cartoon character.

And in the shadows of the towers of useless data streams and the cacophony of non-stop videos, El Paso has soldiered along. Much in the same way it has for the last 400 years:  periods of genuine progress, hampered by the more-than-occasional abdication of vision to others, both locals and out-of-towners.

Hence, the return to the past; dusting off a familiar name, and re-tooling it for the 21st Century.  We need informed opinion on events that matter, not just someone screaming at the top of their keyboard lungs “CONSPIRACY.”

While TV news has only a minute, ten seconds to give you a story, the Herald-Post will have all day to tell you a story about the news – and start a conversation. It will be news when you want it, not holding back details until the early evening.

When it comes to Lifestyle, we’ll have people talking about subjects that take you to new places – be they on the movie screen, the rest area right up the road that you never stop at or that restaurant around the corner you’ve never been in.

Our Sports coverage will bring you the most vivid pictures our crews get, putting you right at ringside or on the sidelines.  You’ll not just hear about who won, but about the person that helped get that win.  And our coverage will be local first, not national.

The Herald-Post is local people, covering local news, asking you to consider their opinion and politely asking for your view. Because informed opinion leads to discussion, which leads to action and change.

That’s why the Herald-Post is back. So, what do you think? I look forward to the conversation.




Guest Columnist

Guest Columnists are residents who feel so strongly about a news event, a story or some other issue, that they decided to put their thoughts to paper - or computer screens. Or they are writers who have made their work available via other channels and we feature their work here, with permission. If you'd like to submit a column, please contact us at news@epheraldpost.com

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  • Congratulations, I had no idea, you are awesome

  • Its about time. The Times is a disgusting rag with to much advertising and little news. If you do come back hope you will not fall into that trap.

  • Hope you can get the following that you deserve. How about a Spanish word for the day like the old Post had?

  • Congratulations to the new El Paso Herald Post and to all the lucky El Pasoans who will benefit immensely from this glorious revival of a once proud tradition, one I personally have missed tremendously. This excites me and makes me so happy. Looking foreard to a fresh view. If you ever need any kind of journalistic input (music, restaurant or movie reviews for example), I’d love the opportunity to take a stab at it. Not formally trained, but passionate about writing. Edna Gundersen, my sister, began her career at the El Paso Times, was loaned to Gannett’s infant USA Today, and spent 30+ years with them as a music critic. I’m thrilled that you are resurecting such a fine and nobel tradition!

  • Welcome Back! Look forward to more balance in our media coverage! Saludos y Bienvenidos!!!

  • Great news Welcome back! I just have some simple requests. 1) Ensure articles are spell checked. 2) Don’t leave us hanging on missing detail just because you want to get it out first. HINT: Let the competitors continue their BS, and we’ll check with you for the WHOLE story. 3) Others research for op eds. You should too… But, ALSO maintain a real handle on the definitions of various words and terms. (Hint: “Racism” is over used… Try “Bigotry” instead…its probably more accurate. El Paso reading level…well…Lets just say you have a ground-floor opportunity to elevate the sophistication of common readers… Seize it and be the rock star here!

  • Love the idea! Keep it local, keep it positive! The Post reported bad news too but perhaps you can tone down the reports on stabbings, etc. Not that you shouldn’t report it, but there are so many good things happening around El Paso. Perhaps you could “run out of room” and not have the space to write a huge article on who killed whom and why and at what time and who witnessed it and what part of town….

    Please bring back the Number of Consecutive Days with Sunshine.

  • Glad to see you guys back! It is my fervent hope that y’all do the tough investigative reporting that is sorely lacking at the Times. Good luck and Godspeed!

  • Congrats on your triumphant return! Sadly, I was too young to enjoy the EP Herald Post in its previous existence, but I can’t wait to read the stories beyond the popular everyday headlines. The only other newspaper that would provide this type of coverage was Newspaper Tree, tragically it eventually shut down. I am excited to see that the EP Herald Post is providing this type of coverage. I look forward to reading your site everyday!

  • Welcome back!!! I have so missed the EP Herald Post and I really like your new positivism and wish you only the best… Look forward to seeing a different view and will read you everyday like I used to. Thank you!

  • We use to get the Post daily when I was growing up and then it stopped. I’be been missing it ever since. Great to have it back online.

  • Welcome back! I was a subscriber to the old Herald Post, right up until that last issue, and I have missed it all these years. I left El Paso in 2004, and returned in 2012, but have had no interest in subscribing to the Times, but this new version of an old friend will now be bookmarked in my browser. Looking forward to some better reporting.

  • sooo happy to hear. Wishing you great success

  • I worked for the real Herald-Post for 10 years. I hope people realize that even though you have the name, this site has nothing to do with the Scripps Howard-owned newspaper. We had a young, scrappy, talented bunch of reporters and photographers there that I doubt you have the resources to duplicate. But good luck on your new venture.

  • Wonderful! Yes, we used to get both papers n we loved the Post. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

  • YEAH!!!!! The Herald Post was a great newspaper. It cared about El Paso, promoted El Paso, and supported the great work of El Pasoans. We need it. This is the best news I’ve heard regarding El Paso!!! Best wishes a a successful venture!!!!

  • The love for communication is back in El Paso! Thank you! Make us Real again!

  • I grew up with the Herald Post and was saddened when it quit publishing. I hope you are as good and as interesting as my memory is telling me that you once were. Saludos to a long life.

  • Fantastic…Keep it balanced and informative like the old days.

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