• May 27, 2022
 Horizon City suffers water pressure issues, Company responds

Horizon City suffers water pressure issues, Company responds

Just last weekend, Horizon City had an issue with low water pressure throughout the community, this along with recent outages and leaks, prompted horizoncity.com (HC) to reach out to Severn Trent Services (STS) in regards to the issues.

STS, along with El Paso Electric crews and the Horizon MUD worked to see that the problems were solved.

Below are the questions we asked, and the responses from the company.

HC: This past weekend, the entire community of Horizon City had low to almost no water pressure for several hours, what was the cause?

STS: On Friday, August 14, because of electrical problems, we lost one of our high production wells that feeds our Water Treatment Plant.  We also experienced a four and one-half hour power outage at the Water Treatment Plant. This caused us to enter our peak demand hours of the evening with very low tank levels.

On Saturday morning, August 15, we lost two more high production wells that feed our Water Treatment Plant due to electrical problems.  We have one well out of service for routine maintenance.  This put four of our eight high production wells offline.   With the heat and high water demand, our tank levels got very low resulting in lower pressures.

With the rapid response of EPEC and our experienced electricians, we returned one of the high production wells into service.  This enabled us to bring our water levels back up, restoring the pressure to which our customers are accustomed.

The electrical problems we have been experiencing are due to the recent thunderstorms and electrical storms.

HC: How was it fixed?

STS: Failed electrical components were ordered “Rush” and installed when delivered.  We are still waiting on some electrical components to complete the repairs.

HC: Some residents have notices repeated low pressure incidents, is this in any way related to leaks and outages over the last few week?

The rate of leaks always increases in the summer when water demand is higher and more stress is placed on the system. The velocity of the water in the pipes is twice as much in the summer.  When we shut off a section of line to repair a leak, it interrupts the normal water delivery and reduces the pressure and volume of the water delivered.

HC: What preventative measures is the company taking to make sure residents don’t have any outages/low pressure incidents.

STS: The Horizon Regional MUD has always proactively acted in purchasing and installing water infrastructure, and where economically feasible, standby generators.

If we find we have electrical components that fail at a higher rate than the norm, we replace that equipment and update our list of approved parts.  If an electrical component is hard to receive in a timely manner, we strive to have spares on hand in storage.

The Horizon Regional MUD has upgraded the rules and regulation on the type of pipe used for service lines, which should reduce the number of leaks.

For more information on Horizon Municipal Utility District, click HERE.

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