Horses Unlimited Rescue and Education Center Hosting Summer Camp in June, July

Horses Unlimited, a local resource for horse owners and the general public, is hosting two summer camps to raise funds and awareness about their cause.

Two sessions will be held, June 12 – 16, and July 10-14, cost per person is $125, space is limited register today at 915-491-7653.  The summer camp is a four-day educational camp where participants learn all about horses.

The camp will help fundraising efforts by Horses Unlimited Rescue to build their arena. The arena will allow for a safe place to ride, as well as create a space to host events for the community.

The center takes in horses from the public, or from the Sheriffs department, then re-trains and rehabilitates them.  Once the horse is back to good health, they are used for fun, but also as therapy animals to help adults or children with Autisim, Aspergers, as well as those who may suffer from PTSD.

Horses Unlimited is a community partner of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office as they assist with the housing and relocation of stray horses in the county.  EPCSO officials say, “Please support the Horses Unlimited Rescue and Education Summer Camp as they strive to make an impact in the El Paso community by providing education and recreation with their equine companions.”

For more information on the summer camp please contact Horses Unlimited Rescue and Education Center at 915-491-7653.