Hospitals of Providence Introduce Obstetric Hospitalist Program

On Thursday, officials with the Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus introduced the Obstetric Hospitalist Program for expectant moms.

“Having an OB Hospitalist Program elevates the level of care for expectant moms, by having specialists on-site, whenever an OB concern or emergency presents itself,” said Dr. Jose Aun, Lead Obstetrician-Gynecologist for The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus OB Hospitalist Program.

“We are here to serve as the extra level of care during emergency situations when the expectant mom’s OB is not readily available.  We want to ensure pregnant women arriving to our emergency room are able to be seen and treated quickly by an obstetrician for the safety of both mom and baby.”

The Obstetric (OB) Hospitalist Program promotes a higher quality of care by offering 24/7 in-house obstetrical and emergency room coverage by Board Certified OB physicians, providing optimal treatment for women who present to the hospital with obstetric concerns or emergencies.

Additional benefits of the program include decreased wait times and the ability for expectant moms, greater than 20 weeks gestation, to be immediately assessed and cared for in the emergency room, improving patient safety in part by preventing unattended deliveries.

“Our goal is to help ease anxiety and fears for women who present to the hospital with an obstetric concern or emergency,” said Dr. Aun.  “Programs such as these, attribute to more favorable outcomes by improving patient safety in part by expediting emergency treatment and preventing unattended deliveries.”

In addition to the Obstetric Hospitalist Program, Memorial Campus offers a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), providing the highest level of care designated in the state of Texas, for premature or critically ill babies.