HP FlashFiction: Celeste by Alexis D. Johnson

As part of our on-going effort to give local writers/artists/poets/creators space to share their works, HP FlashFiction was created.

The works are presented and will be placed ‘as is – as the author wrote’ with out any editing on our part.

In this edition, we present a short story by Alexis D. Johnson  To submit your works, simply send them to [email protected]




Alexis D. Johnson


He told me I was special – the man wearing a long white coat. He told me to call him Father and named me Celeste. I asked why he made me, but he only smiled. His grey eyes shimmer when he smiles and the lines on his narrow face deepen. I haven’t existed long enough to understand what that smile means, but it must be something good, because I know he is good. He told me so.

Father is patient in teaching me what he says I must know to fulfill his purpose. I still don’t know what that purpose is, though he assures me I will soon. He says he knows everything I will ever do, and that it will bring wonder to those on a planet called Earth.

This is Father, and my name is Celeste.