Hueco Tanks State Park December Events

Hueco Tanks State Park Officials are inviting everyone to spend their Holiday weekends in the wild with their release of their schedule of events for the month of December.

For more information and reservations, residents can call (915) 857-1135

December 9th| 9 AM | Women’s Only Hike | Max Group of 25
Explore the Site with a female ranger or volunteer and learn more about best hiking practices in the Chihuahuan Desert. This tour is open to women with all levels of experience and offers breathtaking views of El Paso and the surrounding mountains.

Reservations are required.

December 10th| 10:00 AM | Junior Ranger Day: Turkey Vultures! | No Visitor Maximum
Fly on out to Hueco Tanks to learn more about the Turkey Vulture. One of the only birds that can use its sense of smell to find food, they play an important role in the health of our ecosystems.

As “nature’s clean-up crews,” they prevent the spread of diseases and even freshen our air! No reservations are required.

December 17th| 5:30 PM | A Celebration of Winter| No Visitor Maximum
Join us at Hueco Tanks for a celebration of the winter season and its various traditions. Take a walk on our luminaria lit trail, listen to Winter Solstice stories, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

No reservations are required. Gates close promptly at 5:30 pm, no exceptions.