Hueco Tanks State Park Releases May Schedule of Events

Officials with the Hueco Tanks State Park announced their schedule of events for visitors to the park for the month of May.

For those first-time visitors or those not participating in the events and looking to walk around the park on their own, there is an annual orientation program for visitors.  As a reminder, bicycles permitted only on designated paved areas, pets are allowed only in the campground and picnicking areas, not on the trails

To get to to Hueco Tanks State Park, take Montana Avenue (U.S. Highway 62-180) all the way into the Hueco Mountains then turn left on Ranch Road 2775 (where the UFO building is).  Visitor need to follow the road until it ends at the park.

May 10th | 8:00 PM | Full Moon Hikes | First come first serve

Three hikes, of varying difficulties, will be heading out into the moonlit night of Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site.  Hunt for scorpions, watch for rattlesnakes, and see a whole new side of the park! Listen for the calls of the owls, and have a fun time too! Reservations are required, to reserve please call (915) 849 – 6684.

May 13th | 8 Am | Rare Plant Tour | Max group of 10

Join us on a tour of the plant life located in Hueco Tanks SP&HS. Check out the Comal Snakewood, a member of the Buckthorn family that can only be found here in Hueco Tanks and nowhere else in the U.S.A! And learn some fun (and potentially gross) facts about native plants and the uses some of the local tribes had for them. Call (915) 849 – 6684 for reservations.

May 13th | 9 Am | Women’s Only Hike | Max group of 25

This event is for women who are not normally comfortable with the outdoors.  Join one of the female staff, or volunteers, as she discusses some of the common mistakes people make when they first start hiking, and experience some of the beauty of the Chihuahuan Red Sands Desert in the early morning. Reservations are required. To reserve please call: (915) 849 – 6684

May 20th | 7 Am | Yoga on the Rocks Tour | Max group of 10

Relax and de-stress with our guide from Blue Lizard Climbing and Yoga, Beth M. and a beautiful morning of yoga at Hueco Tanks. Our yoga tours will go out every month. Spots are limited to ten so reservations are recommended. Call (915) 857-1135 for reservations. Bring plenty of water, hiking shoes, weather appropriate clothing, and your own mat.

May 20th | 7:30 Am | Birding Tour | Max group of 25

Richarch Hermosillo, one of the leading amateur ornithologists of our region, takes a band of early morning birders out to try and check some “lifers” off of their lists.  Binoculars, water, snacks, and sunscreen are recommended for this tour. To reserve please call  (915) 849 – 6684

May 25th | 8 Pm | Hueco Tanks Stargazing | First come first serve
Join Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site staff on an awesome night of stargazing, stories, and planetary viewing.  Visitors are welcome to bring their own binoculars and telescopes, but not required. This event will be on a first come, first serve basis.  So be sure to arrive early to the park!

May 27th | Outdoor Fitness Challenge! | 8:00 Am
In celebration of Physical Fitness Month, we are challenging our park visitors to join us in a day of fun, and healthy, physical activities; boulder hopping, cave exploring, hiking tours, and more!  Are you looking for a new trail to hike, or crevices to explore? Well, this is your day at Hueco Tanks.  All activities are first come, first serve.  Check-in time is 7:30 Am, and all events begin at 8 Am on the dot.  So don’t be late!