• December 2, 2021
 Hurd Joins House Intel Republicans to Call for Adam Schiff to Step Down as Committee Chairman

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas)

Hurd Joins House Intel Republicans to Call for Adam Schiff to Step Down as Committee Chairman

WASHINGTON, DC – Former undercover CIA officer U.S. Representative Will Hurd (TX-23), who serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement after joining Republican Committee Members to call for Chairman Adam Schiff to step down:

“Two years ago, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence found no collusion or conspiracy between Russia and President Trump and his campaign. For two years Mr. Mueller conducted an independent investigation that cost $25 million, employed 19 attorneys and 40 FBI agents, issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses – and came to the same conclusion that there was no collusion. And yet, for two years now Chairman Schiff has used his position on the House Intelligence Committee to knowingly spread a false narrative to television cameras that he had ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ of collusion.”

“Chairman Schiff’s behavior is not fit for the chair he occupies and I proudly stand with my colleagues on the committee to call for his resignation as Chairman of the Committee.”

Watch Rep. Hurd’s full remarks during Thursday’s hearing, here.  Read the letter sent by House Intel Republicans, here.


A former undercover CIA officer, entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Will Hurd is the U.S. Representative for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. In Washington, he serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Intelligence Modernization and Readiness, and the House Committee on Appropriations, where he serves on the Subcommittees on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

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  • Will Hurd just barely won his reelection for congress in voter suppressing Red State Texas!
    House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Congressman Adam Schiff needs not to listen to any damn moron republican official. He was rightfully elected by his own constituents in the GREAT STATE OF CALIFORNIA!
    and when the 2020 elections come up, Americans must do our patriotic duty to replace as many republicans by voting them out of office. and this includes Will Hurd from Texas.
    Beto O’Rourke best better rethink about who his real friends in congress are! Will Hurd is not one of his friends!
    I will not decide who I will vote for president in 2020 till the time is right!
    BTW! why didn’t democrats demand that Devin Nunes step down when he was busy colluding with Donald Trump?
    As typical republicans have rules for themselves and they have rules for democrats! democrats best better have some good spines on their backs. And push back,how can the minorities rule the majority of this Great Nation never made any sense.
    That is why getting rid of the electoral college and the ending of gerrymandering will help Texans take back our state from these animal racist republicans. Once and for all.
    As for congressman Adam Schiff, GIVE EM HELL, MR CONGRESSMAN! TAKE NO PRISONERS!
    Vote all republicans out of office in 2020!
    Make Will Hurd return his TRUMPTURD Tax Cuts to the US Treasury!

    • Mueller’s Gone. If California is so great and seems to be your state of choice why don’t you go there. You’ll fit right in with the rest of the excrement and nut jobs on the street. Adam Schiffty is a partisan hack that needs to go. The way you feel about Republicans is exactly how we feel about Democrats. Vote ’em all out. And what you say about Republics is true about Democraps. They have their own set of rules. Just ask Jussie Smullett and Crooked Hillary. Talk about special treatment for Democratic cronies. But maybe you’re right. Let’s just treat everyone the same. The GOP needs to investigate and move to impeach EVERY DULY ELECTED DEMOCRAT who disagrees with anything that ANY Republican has ever said. What? They didn’t support Bush…investigate! What? They didn’t agree with Nunes? IMPEACH immediately. What? They don’t like Trump? Set up an fake investigation based on a false dossier paid for by the opposition. Come on man, this is getting ridiculous. You had your President and he ruined this country in 8 looooong years. We now have ours and he is fixing it. Eventually he will be out and another Democrat will come in and ruin it again. Then a Republican will try fix it and be persecuted for it. Hey Mr. Hurd, you better investigate Beto. I heard from a friend who heard from a friend who thinks he MIGHT have have seen talk to a drug dealer one time. I think that warrants a full 2 year investigation prior to the election. Oh and make sure you investigate and raid the homes of anyone who ever associated with Beto while you’re at it. (Ridiculous isn’t it? But that is exactly what the Democrats are doing). That’s the life cycle of American politics. Oh and by the way, getting rid of the electoral college would be gerrymandering in and of itself because at that point a few large metropolitan areas (all of which are Democrat) would determine the election for the entire country and that is not what our country was founded on. I’m sure if the big cities were heavily Republican, you would be screaming for the opposite. Anything to gain some other advantage. I bet you’re the kind of guy that blames the stop lights for making you late to the food line aren’t you? Or I bet you’re the kind of guy that blames the defense because they didn’t allow your teams receiver to freely catch the ball so therefore they shouldn’t have been allowed to win because playing defense isn’t fair. It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it. Typical Socialist response every single time.

      • To the original maggot! I will tell you this much! California is way better than Texas, if California was it’s own country. It would be the worlds six largest economy.And you know what else! California has a huge number of former Texans living there now. In fact both Texas and California have the nations largest migration exchange between the two largest populous states in the Union.
        California is Texas envy! so I see where you are coming from! No I’m an El Paso native,born and raised here in El Paso. But I did live 40% of my live in the Golden State. And I’m proud to have served my country honorably when I was in the Navy! It’s the Navy that took me to California, and took me back again while I was in the Naval Reserve.
        While on active duty reserve I quit the reserve and decided to remain in the Bay Area! That was my second career and I made good money,paid my rent,never had any run ins with the law.Retired from my government job and came back to El Paso at my moms request.
        What about you Original Maggot? did you serve our great nation? or you still making tattoos on guys buttocks?
        When you mentioned Jussie Smullett, in which I never heard about this fool,till he made the news I think it was last year! Too bad,because many people thought that he was involved in a hate crime! But he faked his own hate crime, and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever, because I hate liars as much as I despise republicans.
        Don’t you think it’s time you let go of Hillary Clinton? damn you man,you are probably one of those chanting LOCK HER UP morons,aren’t you?
        I will tell you this about president Barack Obama! he was a great president,and I know why you don’t like him. Because he is African American and the first black United States president.
        But Donald Trump’s birther movement really screwed up your brains and other than you are a republican,you dwell in nothing but RUT! and Hate!
        Like the rest of the republicans that held or still hold office! they all wanted the presidency of Barack Obama to become a total failure. Starting with house speaker John Boehner and senator Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan and the rest of the white nationalist in the house of congress lets not forget Steve King,and Mike Conaway,Orrin Hatch etc.
        President Barack Obama brought the United states out of a Great Recession! did you forget that? The mess that George W Bush left for him to fix up. And for 8 Looooong years of G W Bush bullshit! Did you forget that too? and the scare tactics that he use to scare many Americans with.The color code gauges that never went green or blue! they were always on red,orange and maybe once on yellow,on the news everyday. Had he being paying attention,instead of being on vacation playing golf in Crawford Texas for more than 60% of his first eight months in office. September 11 2001 would had never happened and the World Trade Center Twin Towers would still be standing today. What do you have to say about your republicans goofing up? As they still are today,doing nothing about Russia interfering in our 2016 presidential elections. As Donald Trump says he believes Vladimir Putin more than he believes the DOJ!
        The electoral college is not democracy for a great nation! it’s the will and the vote of the people that should determine who our presidents will be! And gerrymandering is illegal,it’s a cheating system set up in red states and red counties to give the republicans the advantage and to steal elections from democrats. And what about voter suppression? another cheating method done by republicans. With their five ID’s requirements for Mexicans and people of color? And showing up at the voting polls on election days with their guns and assault weapons.What do you have to say about that?
        You don’t know me, so you can’t say that I blame the traffic light I guess if the light is on red. It will make me late to go eat at many of my favorite restaurants
        and my waitresses or waiters wont be able to receive my nice gratitude tip. And I tip extremely very good. And about the word socialist! I bet that someday you’ll depend on socialist government programs. Like Social Security,Medicare/Medicaid! Food Stamps! Welfare checks and many other social services, mark my word! that you will. So don’t spit up in the air,you never know if the spit will land back at your face or on your body.
        It’s like I said before, you republicans are nothing but mean spirited sub humans! you think that your excrement don’t stink! as the skunk never turns around to smell it’s own ass. Also pertains to the republicans.
        Typical KKK NAZI White Nationalist every single time,the rhetoric response from Y’ALL is always the same.
        TRUMP FOR PRISON IN 2021! and that includes all of his family and crony mobsters.
        Trump hangs out with nothing but very bad people, and he praises the very worst,like himself.

        • Typical democrat hypocrisy. You keep calling all Republicans racist with no evidence. You don’t know me. Just like your homeboy Jaime saying all Republicans hate Mexicans therefore should not be eating Mexican food. We don’t hate Mexicans. We hate that people are breaking into our country illegally and exhausting our resources. I don’t care what nationality or color they are. If they come in from Sweden illegally they should be captured and deported. Period. Let me explain to why I don’t like Obama so you understand. Obamacare….I lost my doctor, I lost my plan and my premiums and co-pays have tripled all so that I can for someone else’s free insurance. Deny it all you want but it’s the truth. Obamacare is a nightmare. I don’t like him and Biden, then and now, trashing our country to our enemies and allies. He’s an apologist, for what? He obviously doesn’t love this country. I don’t like him because he treats terrorists and terrorist supporters better than hard working Americans. Iran nuclear deal. Paris Accord. Both shams. I could go on but I want because you don’t listen. My point is, my dislike for Obama has nothing to do with his skin color. The fact that you always use the race card makes you the racist.

        • I’ll bet that what you miss the most in San Francisco is those gay bath houses you used to frequent when you lived there!

        • I can but hope that you are in Commiefornia when the next big quake thins out the socialist herd.


  • And more great goof ups by Donald Trump’s are tax cuts for the people that don’t need tax cuts,the wealthy rich 1%!.
    Shutting down the federal government and making hundreds of thousands of people seek second employment jobs. Just to make ends meet,holding up their rents payments bills or all sorts financial issues and not being able to buy food or groceries.
    Lying about the Mexico would pay for the wall,separating families from their children and putting immigrant children inside cages. How would you like for ICE and the Border patrol to put you and your family members inside cages MAGGOT? LYING EVERY TIME! never seen anyone lie everyday,with almost 9,000 lies coming from Donald Trump in two short years, you can also fact check that, go ahead and google it!
    All the scandals that Trump has been involved in, Trump University, Access Hollywood Video, Trump Tower meeting with the Russians who claimed they had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Trump’s accusers of 20 women claiming that Donald Trump grope them. Not to mention the 13 year old model that Donald Trump RAPE!!! back in the mid 1990’s FACT CHECK THAT TOO you damn IDIOT! Trump’s INFIDELITY! THREE WIVES!
    And yet trump complains about chain migration while he brings all of Melania Trump’s family from Slovenia to live in the United States, chain migration or what? More like double standards from a racist bigot who think he is above the law. 37 indictments from the Russia scandal, bankruptcies,not paying his contractors or the workers that built his shit towers. And also playing golf about a hell of a lot more than president Obama played golf. When he boasted and lied that he would spend time working.
    Trade wars that he created, with China, putting many farmers at risk of losing their farms, Trump like George W Bush will more than likely start a war, for what ever reason! Bush wanted to be a war president, Trump was threatening LITTLE ROCKET MAN! Kim Jong Un, did North Korean denuclearize? NO they did not.
    Seriously there is something very wrong with Trump. And I am very grateful that I am not part of his base, you have to have some serous mental issues including brain damage to support Donald Trump.
    And it’s hypocrites,racist white nationalist like Mikey,fero,YOU! and others that love this bigot and the bad things he does. And I see why! because you would do the same as Trump if you had the power to do it, you probably have the will but you don’t have the money.
    So are you enjoying your $1.64 a week tax cut that Trump gave you? YOU FOOL! Trump took you to the cleaners. You have no respect for anyone including yourself MAGA MAGGOT! you are just another Trump follower of doom.
    There is still of a hell lot of things I didn’t mentioned about Trump! but I’ll make it easy for you to figure out. DONALD TRUMP IS THE MONSTER OF THE SWAMP! HE IS A FULL BLOWN SWAMP! with cesspool waste as his back up reservoir.

    • Relax dude before you blow an O ring. Trump did not take me to the cleaners. My tax cuts were significant. Money that I am reinvesting for my children’s future. Unlike the masses of illegals coming into this country, my kids will NOT be dependent on the government. Gotta love capitalism. Which brings me to my next point. The 1% pay far more than their fair share. Actually they carry the tax burden for this country. 30% of a million dollars is more than most El Pasoans will pay in taxes in a lifetime. You should be grateful for the 1%.

      • So you are talking for the wealthy rich! by the way! what is a O ring. How do you know so much about the undiscovered part of human anatomy in men? To have actually discover an O ring!
        Wow!!! You must mean the sphincter, but you have a O ring! OK so you do, so what! many you are a different species of human, most republicans are.
        So you did get sustainable tax cuts! then you must be wealthy as most republicans are. This illegal masses are really more like central American immigrants seeking asylum, and Donald Trump already threaten to shutdown the border by next week.
        BTW! wealthy people don’t carry the burden for this country! They all live in their gated communities with security guards and all. They couldn’t give a rats ass about this country. Their children don’t even serve in the United States Military, really just ask Donald Trump,Justin Bieber,Kid Rock,Ted Nugent or the senator from Utah,Mitt Romney! many young boys and young men that will never serve in our military. How patriotic not to ever serve in our armed forces.
        I also asked you about yourself, and you failed to answer my question, so I’ll ask you again, DID YOU SERVE? in our armed forces.
        Look at Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump! these imbeciles have the nerve to go hunting endangered prized trophy animals in Africa. What about your children, are they also in for the free ride, or will they do what Donald Trump did and fake bones spurs excuses?
        El Paso, the state of Texas and the entire country stand to loose billions of dollars when Trump shuts down the border. And why should I be grateful for the 1%, I despise freaking rich snobs.
        Are you going to attend Trump’s hate rally tomorrow in downtown El Paso? yes there’s a rally spearheaded by the El Paso republican chairman, Alpo Dog Face Telles. With Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign rally a few blocks away tomorrow! PARKING PARKING PARKING! At least mikey Mad Mike 272 won’t be there because he can’t afford quarters for the parking meter. Yet he want’s to pay for my bus fare to California, what a chicken shit!
        There’s no point in talking to you, I don’t relate to freaking republican rich snobs.

        • I’m no where close to the 1% but I understand what it takes to get there. Hard work and dedication and I understand that they do carry the burden. You’re just jealous because you will never get there because you have a crappy attitude and what everything handed to you because the socialist democrats OWN you. You always say the Republicans are full of hate but every one of your posts is nothing but hate. Typical democrat hatred. The only reason anyone reads any of your crap is because it’s such entertaining BS. No facts. No substance. Just pure BS. Listening to you spew is like watching those old Airplane movies, so stupid, yet so funny. It’s so ridiculous you can’t help but watch. Fact check that you lowlife

        • I served, moron, but YOU were thrown out of the Navy for drug use!

  • Schiff and Swalwell are both commies from Commiefornia and should resign. Alberto, I would gladly buy you a one way ticked to Commiefornia, in the hope that you would be there when the big quake culls the commie herd.

    • You know that you envy and are very jealous of California mad mike! your moronic childhood never allowed you to develop as a normal man.You still dwell in a boys life,so what is your age? 6 or 8 years old in a mans body? Glad you you brought up Schiff and Swalwell but you forgot Maxine Waters who are all seriously investigating Donald Trump. California on the west coast and New York state on the east coast and the democratic congress in Washington D.C. all going after Donald Trump.
      Robert Mueller didn’t deliver but Donald Trump’s troubles are just beginning!
      You should go back to your white nationalist KKK tribe wherever that dump might be!
      Don’t wish on the big quake because a you might get swallow by one.
      You can’t afford to buy me a ticket,if I had to fly to California, I’ll purchase my round trip first class tickets.BTW! I was there for the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989! you would shit in your pants and cry if you ever were in an earthquake! You are just a moronic punk!
      commie, is that the best you can come up with? You and Trump are both fascist communist racist bigots and cowards! So wheres your bones spurs? up your STD plague ass?

      • Albert with incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome…..PRICELESS! Trump lives rent free in Albert’s head 24/7.

        • Well, in all honesty, there is lots of room, because his head is pretty empty.

      • Albert always whining about his crappy worthless life. Constantly rants here for psychotherapy. Probably plenty of room at UBH for him.

      • Albert you should take time and actually read your posts to see how stupid and deranged you sound.

        • Fero the Goat! why are you here on the El Paso Hearld Post? when you are always on the KVIA KKK Forum posting your damn mierda!
          Fero,Jeff Allen,RFN,Fed Up Republican,Mad Mike 272,Gee Dubb,NadoDave,Brad,#LLH aka Watch Dawg! Robnelp.
          I know that I use to give Y’ALL hell on that forum, and you couldn’t take it. Mad Mike even tried to get me banned!
          Then I figure, that you can stick that forum up where the sun never shines!
          I also know that some of you would venture over here to the EP Herald Post, just to see what I was commenting about!
          As in matter of fact, you ass holes like to smear me on some of your threads on the KVIA Forum. It’s defamation of character and I could take you all to court and sue you. All of your IP.s are on that Forum including your’s. I just have to hire a lawyer and let them do the work and they’ll have all of you fished out. Don’t push your luck pendejo!
          None of you scare me! all of you are nothing but losers.
          All of you need to rejoin NAMBLA! and pick up where you left off!
          Q~ANON made you fools all look weak.
          Why do you post so many different times, 10:56 am! 12:08 pm! & 1:18 pm! ? obviously you’re thinking about me 24/7! I bet you also dream about me….Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL PRICELESS!
          I’m not like Donald Trump, and you are not my type.
          Trump lives in your derange head rent free 24/7 and so do I.
          I wouldn’t ask you to get a life because you wouldn’t know where to find one as much as you couldn’t tell the difference between your asshole and a hole in the ground.
          There, all in one evening at 9:15 pm! enjoy reading it.

          • Wah! Wah! Wah! Whiner Albert you have no character to defame. You are the biggest loser. BTW – Periodically I venture over here to get my laugh for the day. Your rants are hilarious. Happy TDS!

          • Yesterday must have been your birthday you SOB fool! I get my laughs on you.Yet I don’t carry you in my thoughts 24/7.
            You are the loser, after all you are a republicanTURD! and you act like a bi polar moron.
            Fero, the yellow hairs off the end of a goats ass! is it your HPV disease infection, or is it just yellow yeast infection. Whatever it is, you suck and you stink.

          • Albert knows all about mental disease. Especially with all those psycho delusional voices floating around in his head that he uses on the KVIA forums. He has so many aliases that you can barely keep track of them. Again Happy TDS. Trump winning. Albert losing. Still butt hurt from losing the 2016 and 2018 elections. No blue wave in Texas. LOSER! rofl.

          • For your information, azzhat, I am registered as an independent, not a Republican

  • The only mental disease is from Fero goat as he was exposed to toxoplasmosis by sharing the same cereal bowl and spoon with Mikey! Now Mikey has decided ti distant himself and switched party affiliations from republican to independent. HOW IRONIC! Donald Trump loses one of his most vivid supporters in El Paso.
    I love the way that Fero gives himself away, must be the guilt that floats inside his head! I always wondered why there were so many republican commentator’s on the KVIA commenting forum? CASE SOLVED! Fero said MANY ALIASES!
    Here on the El Paso Hearld Post, I used to use my real name! here’s where Mikey found me and unmask me!
    I have nothing to hide,but he took my name over to KVIA and all his KKK buddies decided to slander and smear me with defamation of character. That’s how republicans get back at democrats, with their lies.
    Look at Donald Trump with his birther lies about president Barack Obama!
    So over at the KVIA forum Fero uses two screen names, one is Watch Dawg and the other is Fero the goat,he might even be Mad Mike aka Mikey.

    • You must lead a pretty miserable life! I am registered as an independent, but voted for Trump over that lying criminal, Clinton, and I will vote for him again in 2020.

  • Wrong! You doxxed yourself by bragging about your pitiful life. Albert aka Albert Velarde is so delusional. The only moron using many screen names is you because you keep on getting banned or posts deleted for violating the Disqus or KVIA TOS. So who is the idiot. That is why you post so much here. There is no moderator. I only use one screen name (Fero) and have no relation to any others.

    So many others on the KVIA forums are against you or don’t like you but you blame using multiple screen names as the reason so many comment against you. Just accept reality. The real reason as you already know is you suck as a human being and truly are an evil person. You have a miserable life. The bottom line is you are a LOSER!

    • There you go, so what are you going to do about it? I’m not bragging about anything you disgusting Cucaracha! Watch Dawg always uses the word delusional and I see that you use it too. So you are Jerry Rodol the cucaracha from Genocide Tattoo! 915 791-**** remember the day after the November 2016 elections,you started posting on KVIA. Your First Screen name was Deplorable Won! I called you on that and you quickly removed it and started another screen name #LLH then you went to Watch Dawg.
      KVIA made you their moderator! that is why you delete all of my post you coward! Because you can’t stand the truth. So you went to Bel Air, big deal. Is Loraine still hanging out with you, she must be really dumb, most blonds are dumb and stupid, that is why they make blonds jokes.
      What did you do with all those assault rifles I saw you loading off from a black truck? Were you trying to scare me? Then you moved away. I know that you don’t work, you hang out with tons of losers and all of you dye your hair blue and listen to Rush Limbaugh at night. It must be some kind of cult.
      And you have roommates, I bunch of guys living with you,they live with you to help you pay your rent. You live like rats in the city sewer system. What’s it to you if I post here,how do you know so much about the many others on KVIA?
      I told Adrain Medina about all of you, and he couldn’t do anything, but I can! On KVIA they have your IP locations. If shit goes down, they’ll be no problem tracking you and the rest down. No matter if you move out of town.Which most cowards like you would cut and run.
      BTW! on other Disqus I don’t have any problems with them and they don’t delete my post, and I bash the republicans without any consequences or reprisals. Only on KVIA since they made you their personal moderator. Any liberal or democrat that post there, there comments get deleted, then all of you start screaming like a bunch of chickens that it was me.
      It’s a pattern that you have established and it’s like stepping into a snare!
      YOU ARE ONE UGLY SON OF A BITCH! that skull tattoo on the right side of your stupid face!!!
      Nothing but mierda. No wonder your grandfather kicked you out from Grace Place.

      • What an idiot! See you are totally delusional. You have me confused with another person. I don’t even know you. Let alone know what you look like. KVIA moderator? Good laugh. Fell out of my chair on that one. You are a sick person. Get some medical help.

        • I see I hit a nerve on your bone spur!it’s easy to deny and to lie, you can be a KVIA moderator without KVIA ever allowing you inside their News Studio! You can do it from your apartment rental or from your outhouse behind the bushes.
          You sorry ass piece of shit Cucaracha Fero!
          Did you see the news, the dems have subpoena William Barr! he’s got no choice but to fork out the entire Mueller report to congress! They can see classified information, but continue with your victory laps. Keep running boy, run run run and then run some more…..

          • Trump is so scared of the Democraps. NOT! You are delusional as ever. How many years have you been losing? Trump winning you losing. TDS for another two years or more? rofl. Get a life.

          • NO YOU DUMB ASS! you wouldn’t know what a life is, even if they crazy glued a card board to the back of your ass, with the words printed on it GET A LIFE!
            You best better believe that Donald Trump fears the DEMOCRATS!
            Donald Trump thought that by firing the FBI director, James Comey that his Russian problems would vanish into thin air!
            Well then came Robert Mueller, as he picked up where James Comey left off. And that made Donald Trump really nervous, to get away from his biggest fears, he has played so much golf. To get away from his problems as he continues to lie to you, and you believe everything he says to you. You can’t admit to the truth can you Cucaracha Fero?
            So Donald Trump now says that he is EXONERATED! WELL I GOT SOME BAD NEWS FOR YOU CUCARACHA!
            Donald Trump is not exonerated, Robert Mueller did not exonerate him, and William Barr thinks that he can obstruct justice with his “COVER UP”scheme.
            You got to remember this you idiot moron! it’s not 2017 anymore! It’s 2019 and there is a new SHERIFF in the house of Congress! And no, Devin Nunes is no longer in charge of the Intelligence Committee! SHERIFF,INTELLIGENCE CHAIRMAN, ADAM SCHIFF is in charge now.
            That is why Mueller is gone, but the party is just starting!
            And I am inviting you and Mad Mike to this awesome party! CUCARACHA FERO! you’ll be swinging at the TRUMP PINATA! and you won’t be blindfolded either.
            You keep losing every time with my continuous beat downs!
            you lost yesterday when you went after me about the Civil Rights Act! You weren’t even born yet, I studied that in American History during my Junior Class in High School!
            Remember, president John F. Kennedy proposed the Civil Rights Act before he was assassinated on November 22 1963. President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964! And they both were democrats!
            You are the one that desperately needs a make over, Get A Life thing! but you are way to dumb and stupid and ignorant! I don’t mind another two more years with Donald Trump! With all of his corruption scandals. It makes time fly faster, and before long. It will be November 2020! and time to go to jail thereafter for Donald Trump. He wont get impeached, but he wont get reelected either.
            YES! it’s gonna be a long long party! if he was smart he would resign now, so Mike Pence can pardon him.
            But after November 2020, Mike Pence is going back home to Indiana,unless they bring up charges on him too.
            SO YES CUCARACHA FERO! I PERSONALLY INVITE YOU TO STAY AND STICK AROUND FOR THIS GREAT EXTRAVAGANZA ONE HELL OF A PARTY! CALL IT THE GRAN FIESTA! bring your pajamas and sleeping bag! OH WAIT! your a CUCARACHA! depends on what type of roach breed your are! You just might live that long to see Donald Trump go down in shame,even though he is shameless.
            After All, you out lived the dinosaurs.
            Can I rent you out a ROACH MOTEL?

  • Albert the moron that predicted in 2016 crooked Hillary would beat Trump and Texas would become a blue state. The same moron that predicted in 2018 Beto the Communist would beat Cruz and Texas would become a blue state. Now predicting the 2020 elections? ROFL. Don’t ever go to Las Vegas to gamble ’cause you would lose your ass off. Carry on being a psycho. You losing, Trumo winning and living in your fat libtard head 24/7….PRICELESS! Happy TDS for the next 6 years. LOSER!

    BTW – You do know nobody reads your ridiculous rants.

    • Fero,

      You cannot argue with RACISTS like “Mueller’s gone but the party is just starting!”, they will drag you into the gutter (their home) and beat you with experience. Ignore the lonely, fat piece of shit – he like all demoncraps are so stupid and filled with self hate that they are no longer recognized as humans in my eyes.

      “Eat shit, liberals! You’re wrong. You suck. We win again. You lose again. That means today was a great day. When the liberal media loses, the country wins.”

      There once was this wanker from Texas,
      He liked to think he spoke Spanish,
      But he didn’t know,
      It soon would be shown,
      That everyone knew he was named Francis

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