• January 28, 2022
 IDEA Public Schools to provide technology to all students

Photo courtesy IDEA El Paso

IDEA Public Schools to provide technology to all students

IDEA Public Schools officials announced Monday their program providing personal technology devices, including computers or tablets, to all scholars enrolled at IDEA this year.

“Every IDEA scholar will be better prepared for college through the integration of one-to-one technology across our academic programs,” says Dolores Gonzalez, Chief Program Officer for IDEA Public Schools.

By providing each scholar with a personal technology option, IDEA Public School is reaffirming its commitment to academic rigor for all children to support their success to and through college.  

“We are committed to ensuring that our personalized technology program does not mean simply giving scholars a device, but rather ensuring continuity of rigorous learning opportunities despite the uncertainty of our current environment,”   Gonzalez added.

School officials say that their one-to-one personal technology creates “opportunities to meet the needs of every student with an intentional focus on structure and rigor to keep all scholars on track regardless of where the learning itself is taking place. Technology allows for uninterrupted learning, regardless of possible restrictions placed on in-person schooling.”  

Officials add that the program also allows schools to extend the learning window, create new opportunities and learning models for students, and boost the home to school connection.  

“One to one will ensure our scholars develop strong technology literacy and  increase the volume of reading and writing while fostering student agency and accountability for learning,” says Gonzalez.   

For more information please visit IDEA’s Back to School webpage.  

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