iFly championship
iFly championship

iFly El Paso hosts Indoor Skydiving National Championships

 El Paso will be the dropzone for the nation’s top indoor skydivers during the Indoor Skydiving National Championships, from Friday, November 12 to Saturday, November 13, at iFly El Paso, located in Montecillo, El Paso’s original mixed-used community.

More than 100 U.S. Indoor Skydiving (USIS) athletes and officials from across the U.S., along with their families, will be in attendance at the event.

The Indoor Skydiving National Championships is the official qualifier for the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, taking place at Airspace in Charleroi, Belgium, in April 2022. The World Cup is considered the premier competition of indoor skydiving.

During the event, indoor skydivers perform a variety of stunts in iFly El Paso’s indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Like gymnastics, competitors will be judged on the difficulty of their routine and how well they perform. The competition consists of 10 categories, including dynamic flying, freestyle flying and solo speed flying.

“We are excited to host this world-class competition here in El Paso,” said iFLY El Paso Owner Eric Jackson. “We want to showcase our home in Montecillo and the amazing local businesses it holds. Competitors will be introduced to our wonderful community and what we have to offer.”

About iFly El Paso

iFly El Paso, which opened in 2019, is the Sun City’s only indoor skydiving facility and is a franchise location of iFly. The company opened its first facility in Orlando in 1988. Since then, more than 80 locations have been opened worldwide, allowing more than 10 million people of all ages and all abilities to spread their wings in its wind tunnels

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