Immunize El Paso announces ‘Flu2You’ In-Home Vaccination Campaign

For the first time in their 25-year history, Immunize El Paso has launched an influenza vaccination campaign designed to protect some of El Paso’s most vulnerable population.

Most influenza vaccination outreach programs require patients to secure transportation to the clinic site, whether it’s at a physician’s office, local pharmacy, recreation center, or drive-thru environment.

IZEP’s Flu2You program allows patients who may have transportation difficulties or are otherwise uncomfortable with these settings a chance to get vaccinated.

“Our new initiative targets those who may not have a reliable vehicle, are unable to make the commute for health reasons, or any other contributing factor that would dissuade a person from participating in a drive-thru or mass immunization clinic,” said Dusty Warden, Director of Operations of Immunize El Paso.

“Our community has done a fantastic job of making immunization accessible via drive-thru clinics and immunization outreach campaigns. Our goal is to ensure everyone who needs to get protected, regardless of their resources, has an opportunity to receive an influenza immunization.

To schedule a Flu2You visit, call 915-539-2868 or visit the Flu2You website.