Photo courtesy TTP El Paso

Immunize El Paso announces new Drive-Thru location, Petitions State to become Hub Provider

Immunize El Paso (IZEP) will be transitioning to dispensing COVID-19 vaccinations in a drive-thru hub setting, in line with Texas Department of State Health Services best practices.

“We are excited to expand on our existing partnership with SISD, and by petitioning to become a vaccine hub for El Paso, we can administer an additional 5,000 doses each week,” said Dusty Warden, Director of Operations for Immunize El Paso.

IZEP officials share that he drive-through location, located at Socorro ISD Police Services – 1180 Joe Battle Boulevard – is a product of their long-standing partnership with the Socorro Independent School District.

While most COVID-19 vaccine patients will be diverted to the new location to receive their vaccination, the non-profit organization will continue to operate its three immunization clinics.

Patients who received their initial dose through IZEP will receive a link inviting them to schedule a drive-thru appointment beginning February 3rd at the new drive-thru location.

The indoor drive-thru setting will also help prevent long waits in the elements during inclement weather.

IZEP is currently operating off of their 23,000 patient waitlist to notify patients of vaccine availability.

To sign up for the waitlist to learn more information about the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, click here.