TNTM Independence Day: Resurgence review

Troy and Jaime from watched Independence Day: Resurgence and here is their thoughts on the movie.

**Warning, there be spoilers below**

A lot of the original cast returns in this sequel. The one glaring absence is Will Smith (Steven Hiller). They allude to the fact that his character is no longer with us, but there is a picture of him hanging in the White House.

The movie starts 20 years after the first thwarted alien invasion. Humankind has forgotten their differences and bonded together for the most part. The alien technology has been studied and much of it incorporated into the Earth’s weapons and defense systems.

Earth has early warning satellites in the far flung reaches of the galaxy. We even have a small outpost on the moon. Humans have built a large laser cannon on the moon as a first defense. There are also large laser cannons on Earth and most of the fighter jets now have alien technology and weapons infused into them.

Long story short, we shoot down a ship that was actually on it’s way to help us. The real alien invasion arrives and nearly wipes us out until the scientists at Area 51 figure out how to communicate with the sentient intelligence in the ship we shot down.

Of course the Earth forces end up pulling out a victory using a “hail mary” (yes, they actually used that term in the movie). Most of the main characters live, except the one brave pilot (sound like the first movie?).

As for our ratings. Troy (me) liked the movie. I left all logic in the lobby and pushed the “I Believe” button during the previews. The movie had good graphics, big explosions, and cool looking aliens. Jaime, on the other hand, entered the theater with his skeptic goggles on. Jaime pointed out all the plot holes and characters with no reasoning behind their action. We talked about some of these issues after we did the review and I (Troy) do agree, but it didn’t make the movie any less enjoyable for me.

So whether or not you go to see Independence Day: Resurgence really just comes down to are you looking for pure sci-fi enjoyment or do you want to have sci-fi correctness and realism. If you are looking for correctness and realism with deep plot points and conflicted and intertwined characters you might want to skip this movie. If you are like me and just want to watch a movie with your primitive brain, you will love Independence Day: Resurgence.

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