• January 23, 2022
 8th Court of Appeals: Indoor mask mandate upheld for schools, city owned/managed buildings only

8th Court of Appeals: Indoor mask mandate upheld for schools, city owned/managed buildings only

On Friday, the 8th Court of Appeals has issued an order regarding the El Paso City-County Health Authority’s mask mandate. The three justices were split on the decision and granted in part, and denied in part, the Governor’s motion.

The Court has allowed the City’s Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to remain in place as it relates to any school district within the County of El Paso, which means that the mask mandate remains in effect for school districts.

Additionally, it is allowing the City of El Paso to require employees and visitors to wear face coverings within City-owned or -managed facilities.

In accordance with the Court’s order, the El Paso City-County Health Authority will amend the mask mandate for all school districts and all municipally owned or managed government facilities.

City health officials continue to advise the public and local businesses that, while the restrictions on wearing face coverings has been partially lifted, the public is strongly encouraged to continue observing health and safety protocols such as wearing face coverings, frequently washing hands, and getting vaccinated.

Officials share that, as of today, 72.6 percent of the community’s population that is 12 and older is fully vaccinated and 85.3 percent are partially vaccinated.

“We continue reporting new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. As we are seeing the Delta variant, which is extraordinarily contagious, very active in our community, and now responsible for the increasing number of infected people in this region,” City-County Local Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza.

“Vaccination continues to be a critical and integral part of our pandemic response, along with other public health measures such as wearing masks when indoors; and so, we plead with those who have not yet been vaccinated to please get vaccinated. If you have not gotten your second dose, please go and get your second dose.”

The hearing for the County Court at Law Number 7 scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, August 31, will still take place as the 8th Court of Appeals did not stop that hearing from going forward on the narrowed allowable scope.

For more info on COVID-19 and masks, click here; for our complete coverage of the Pandemic, click here.

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