Insights El Paso Space Festival

Insights Hosts 4th annual Space Festival

The El Paso Space Festival is part of a nationwide celebration of educational programs designed to engage audiences in the awe-inspiring fields of Earth and space science.

Families attending festival events will be able to explore Earth and space phenomena, learn about current NASA Research, launch rockets, and stargaze, learn about the connections between story and astronomy, make moon craters, and much more! There is something for everyone, for all ages!

“Let’s Go to the Moon! Vamos a la Luna!” is this year’s theme in part to celebrate NASA’s Artemis Mission aimed at returning humans to the Moon on a permanent basis. The first Mission is scheduled to launch this year to “demonstrate the performance of both Orion and the SLS rocket and test our capabilities to orbit the Moon and return to Earth”

Below is more information specific to the Space and Lunar Extravaganza. Learn more about the week’s events and link to registration on Insight’s website.

Returning will be interactive Experience Zones where you can learn about the different aspects of lunar and space exploration. This year Insights welcome representatives from NASA Goddard, Blue Origin, and more special guests alongside local organizations to share their excitement about upcoming missions and orbiting space stations. Test your knowledge, get inspired, and feed your curiosity about all things Earth and Space exploration through:

The Lunar Imaginations Zone: Where living and working on the Moon, once imagined, is becoming a reality.

The “Its IS about Rocket Science!” Zone: Where traveling to space opens horizons. The “Exploring Space through Mixed Realities” Zone: Where access to space is through imagination.

The “I AM a Space Explorer!” Zone: Where dreams imagined can become real.

The “Stories of Space“ Zone: Where stories inspire imaginations of exploring and living in space. Sponsored by the El Paso Library

The “Astronomy Sciences” Zone: Where you learn about the role of astronomy in everyday life. Sponsored by the Sun City Astronomers.

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