Inspired by LA, Powered by Family, Urbano MexDeli Opens in Central El Paso

Usually drive thru and Mexican food, drink and delicacies don’t mix, but one El Pasoan is using his West Coast experience and his Borderland familial ties to bring it all together.

Gilberto Rascon is the owner of the newly-opened drive-thru restaurant – Urbano MexDeli – located on 5002 Trowbridge Drive in Central El Paso.

With a menu that includes premium sandwiches, shrimp cocktails, smoothies which can be enjoyed as a drink snack or as a meal replacement, owner Gilberto Rascon credits Los Angeles for inspiring him, both with the business model and the menu.

The idea for Urbano MexDeli began in 2009 while he resided in Los Angeles.  The vibrant L.A. food scene propelled Gilberto to start his restaurant. Angelenos wanted their take away order quick; this is something that Gilberto implements in Urbano.

In summer 2016, Gilberto moved back to El Paso to support his mother and father, who are the original restaurateurs.  Marina Mena – Gilberto’s mother – previously owned Pampas A.S.A.P. from 1995 to 2011. Pampas A.S.A.P. was a fast casual drive thru serving burritos, tortas, licuados and aguas frescas.

Gilberto’s extended family, the Menas, own and manage the Rainbow Fountain locations; originated in 1989 inside a fitness center on Viscount Boulevard

Marina has guided Gilberto on all aspects of the business from the kitchen operations to the finances.  Pablo Mena, owner of the Rainbow Fountain on Americas Avenue contributed his experience to Gilberto’s initial start.

A close family friend to Marina and restaurant owner, Daniel Prochnau of Casa De Torta also shared his knowledge with Gilberto.

Urbano’s menu was inspired on two components: his mom’s previous menu from Pampas as well as L.A.’s multi-culture food scene.  The menu was created to serve the community food and drinks that are high quality and fresh.

Urbano partnered up with Boar’s Head to bring premium meats and cheeses.   Boar’s Head is family owned and commit to provide high quality delicatessen products, nothing less.

In 2017, as Gilberto began looking for commercial spaces, he was intrigued by Central. He felt like the area was missing something.

The area is filled with fast food restaurants and Mexican eateries.  Gilberto liked the location of a former beer depot; it was intimate and highly visible so customers can see their fresh sandwiches and drinks being prepared right in front of them. He also educates his customers to text or call the order ahead of time.

Gilberto shares that he is “thrilled El Pasoans are changing their eating habits and welcome healthier alternatives to their lives.”

He reached out to Joy Leos, Program Coordinator of Eat Well! El Paso and hopes to soon be part of the program offering kids a more nutritious meal.  Urbano MexDeli’s slogan is “Eat Urbano for a better tomorrow.”

On-demand delivery will soon be available through Ubereats and Grubhub.  Catering will be made available come Summer 2018.

Urbano MexDeli is opens from 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 8.30am-5pm on Saturdays.  The grand opening will take place on Thursday, June 7