• January 24, 2022
 Video+Info: TNTM Talks IP (Intellectual Property) Games Pros & Cons

Video+Info: TNTM Talks IP (Intellectual Property) Games Pros & Cons

Intellectual Property (IP) Games are those that incorporate a known entity into their game. The easiest example is Monopoly.

You can buy Monopoly that is branded with multiple IPs. They have Sailor Moon Monopoly, Rick & Morty Monopoly, etc. The idea is people who would not normally purchase that game might be pushed to the cash register if it has their favorite characters in it. Trevor and Danny discuss the pros and cons of game manufacturers using IPs in their games. Let us know if you agree with Trevor or with Danny in the comments. CHECK OUT THE GUYS THAT MAKE US LOOK GOOD SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET’S CONNECT! — Talk Nerdy to Me FacebookZia Comics FacebookZia Comics TwitterZia Comics InstagramTalk Nerdy to Me websiteZia Comics website LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST! – iTunesStitcherGoogle Play talkintabletop #ziacomics #IntellectualProperty #IP #tabletop

Troy Stegner


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