Irvin Student creates PSA video for El Paso Fire Department

Irvin senior Josh Roman created a professional public service announcement for the El Paso Fire Department to use to urge drivers to be cautious and aware of emergency vehicles en route to calls.

Carlos Briano, the department’s spokesman, reached out to Irvin High School’s journalism department for student talent to develop the PSA.

news2_2542_m“I heard Irvin High School had a strong broadcasting program and wanted to work with them on this project,” Briano said. “As a former journalism teacher, I value giving scholastic journalism students real-world projects to work on. I was pleased they accepted the challenge.”

Roman was excited to work with the firefighters to create both an English and Spanish version of the video, which provides information on the proper way to pull over when an emergency vehicle is passing.

“The biggest thing I learned about this PSA was that when you make a video for public officials, the video has to be 100 percent accurate,” Roman said. “People actually speed up to try and pass the fire truck or they don’t stop when they’re supposed to. We recorded in a real-life setting and that was exciting.”

The senior is going into his fourth year as part of the broadcasting program at Irvin. He loves being able to express his creativity through film.

“Broadcast is important to me because it gives me experience in film directing and editing,” Roman said. “I have developed skills on how to work with different types of people. I have also learned to work in situations where I don’t have much to work with but have to make something out of it.”

Roman had plenty to work with while filming the video for the fire department. He collaborated with firefighters at Fire Station 3, news_2542_mrecording footage at the station and the surrounding streets.

Teacher Mariel Torres-Tobias was proud to see her student continue to develop his skills outside of the school campus.

“He has done many videos for the school and competitions. The next step was for him to work on a real-world project that required him to get out of his comfort zone and get a feel of working with city officials,” Torres-Tobias said. “I knew this would be a great opportunity for him to grow as a student and a film director.”

Roman hopes to pursue a career in film so he was grateful to grow his experience outside of the classroom.

“My plan is to become an independent film director. The broadcasting class has helped me gain experience to walk in the right path,” Roman said. “I hope I can work on other videos for them or for any other city departments.”