Entrance to El Paso Zoo - Photo Courtesy of El Paso Zoo
El Paso Zoo

It’s Baby Boom Season at the El Paso Zoo & Botanical Gardens

The El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens is excited to announce a new batch of adorable baby animals that are expected to arrive this spring.

The Zoo’s animal healthcare team confirmed the female pronghorn fawns, the jaguar, the Mexican Wolf, Przewalski’s Horse, and the Orangutan are all pregnant.

“The first priority of any zoo is the protection of these endangered species, but the second priority is the breeding and propagation of these species to ensure that future generations of guests have the same opportunity to see and appreciate these amazing animals,” said El Paso Zoo Director, Joe Montisano.


Two pronghorn fawns have already given birth, and three other pronghorn fawns are pregnant and due this spring.


The Jaguar, named Luna, is expecting her first birth with Guapo, who has fathered several other kittens at his previous home in San Diego.


The Mexican Grey Wolf couple, Tazanha and Tulio, are expecting their third litter of pups.


Przewalski Horses, Brianna and Vitaly, are expecting their third foal this spring.


The Orangutan couple, Ibu and Butch, are expecting their second orangutan. Their first baby, Khaleesi, is currently on exhibit and just celebrated her seventh birthday at the Zoo.

Once born, all of the baby animals will remain under close supervision by zookeepers until they can be placed on exhibit.

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