Video: Jake the Snake Roberts interview

Jake the Snake Roberts is an iconic Hall of Fame Wrestler, known for a couple of things.  One is the fact he would bring his snake, Damien, into the ring after defeating an opponent to ridicule them.

The other thing he is famous for is his devastating finishing move, the DDT.  Jake invented this simple, effective, and brutal move.

There was no kicking out of a pin after being on the receiving end of a DDT.

Jake has been the topic of documentary, “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”.  Jake had fallen into alcoholism and drug abuse at an early age.  He was going down a bad road leading to an early death when Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) took him in and helped turn his life around.

DDP introduced him to yoga and healthy eating.  Jake has been clean and sober ever since and is much happier as a result.

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