Junior Miss Patriotic a true San Elizario gem

Debra Lily Alaniz spent the last year as Junior Miss Patriotic investing her time helping others.

During her reign, Alaniz indicated she “learned a lot and hopes to continue to inspire young girls.”

Alaniz,  the daughter of Erika and Luis Alaniz,  participated in organizing food sales to help families in Juarez and is also part of helping a group called Las Guadalupanas at the chapel of San Elizario.

Even though her reign ended on September 15th, Alanis stated, “I am a voice for those that feel they don’t fit in because of the way they look,” and continue to “prove to the world that size 0 is not the only beautiful.”

Her perspective is that there is beauty in everyone.  Her mother Erika says, “I am proud of her talent and desire to help other girls and for her patience to help.”

Alaniz is an 8th grade student at Garcia Enriguez Middle School (GEMS).

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