Sunset Crater by John Craig

Las Cruces Photographer releases White Sands Perceptions, A Photographic Five Print Box Set

Las Cruces fine art photographer John Craig has released White Sands Perceptions, a limited box set collection that features his most recent work from a visit to White Sands National Park.

Craig’s work is rooted in how memory and time play a role in past experience.

“My work tries to capture glimpses of places and experiences that remain in my memory long after I have departed the location,” said Mr. Craig. “I use a technique call Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography to create painterly images where lines, colors and time blend together.”

A set of five 8.5” x 11” archival prints, which are among Craig’s favorite images from his recent travels to White Sands National Park are presented in a archival folio.

“White Sands is a place of intensely white dunes and deep blue skies, hard dune ridges and soft smooth sands, unapproachable, yet always inviting you to see what’s over that next ridge,” said Craig. “I am always surprised how the simple forms of the dunes, the lines of the ridges, and the play between light and dark create endless opportunities to photograph something unique.”

The White Sands Perceptions portfolio box set comes in an archival folio that can be displayed in a bookcase, on a coffee table or individual prints can be framed.

Craig has been a photographer for nearly 50 years and specializes in landscape and portrait photography. His experience includes a wide range of traditional and digital photographic techniques.

These and additional images can be seen on his instagram account; photos can be purchased directly from Craig’s website.

Two Dunes White Sands by John Craig


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