Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare

Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare Re-introducing non-COVID patient care services

Thursday afternoon, officials with Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare released a statement announcing the re-introduction of patient care services, not related to COVID-19.

Below is Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare complete statement:

We have been closely monitoring the dynamic shifts of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community and have been working to prepare a thoughtful and measured approach to re-introduce non-COVID patient care services at Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare facilities when the timing was appropriate to do so.

With Governor Abbott’s recent executive order modifying previous restrictions on surgeries and procedures, combined with data indicating that the growth rate of the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has slowed and the number of COVID-related hospitalizations has plateaued, we have made the decision to resume non-emergent, clinically necessary elective procedures and surgeries in Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare facilities beginning on Monday, April 27. Scheduling for these procedures can start immediately.

This work is being done in accordance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Recommendations related to the re-opening of facilities to provide non-emergency, non-COVID-19 healthcare. Throughout this transition, we will continue to work closely with elected and public health officials to ensure we maintain capacity to care for COVID-19 patients within our facilities.

Maintaining Precautions

We have taken numerous actions to provide the safest possible environment for our employees, physicians and patients in response to COVID-19. Our response plan has included multiple precautions, and it continues to evolve as the pandemic unfolds. These precautions, which remain in place throughout our organization to preserve a safe environment, include:

  • Limited entrances/access into our hospitals and clinics
  • Screening of our patients, physicians, staff and visitors
  • Visitor restrictions in patient care areas
  • Management of supplies to appropriately protect our caregivers and patients
  • Working closely with local, state and national health officials to plan for potential scenarios as the pandemic evolves.

We also continue to stress effective preventive measures such as good hand hygiene and other self-care measures.

Universal Protections

In addition to these precautions, as we relaunch services, one key component of our preparedness strategy is the establishment of universal protections—a new standard that promotes patient safety and confidence across all sites of care. With these universal protections, patients and visitors will see continued – and in some cases enhanced – screening, testing, masking, patient cohorting, patient flow procedures, as well as infection prevention protocols in our facilities.

Personal Protective Equipment

We continue to have adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) for patients, clinicians, caregivers, staff and visitors. We have implemented evidence-based and thoughtful procedures to help maintain appropriate PPE for all who enter our care facilities. Our supply chain continually works with epidemiologists and data scientists to track usage and demand so we can allocate PPE appropriately and preserve adequate inventory.

Visitor Policies

We will continue to follow the “no visitor” policy that is currently in effect in all of our hospitals. Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Pediatric/NICU patient – one parent/caregiver
  • Laboring/Post-partum patient – one care partner
  • Disabled/Impaired/Elderly patient – one family member/caregiver
  • Surgery/Procedure patient – one family member/caregiver
  • End-of-life patient – one family member/caregiver

Any approved visitor must be 18 years of age or older, and approved exceptions must pass the health-screening criteria, including temperature check, upon entrance into the facility.

Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare is uniquely positioned to safely proceed with these elective services, given our vigilant practices; available resources; and exceptional physicians, nurses and staff. As we resume services, we will regularly evaluate our best practices to assess when and if procedural adjustments are necessary. Our willingness to adapt is a direct reflection of our commitment to providing the highest-caliber care.

We appreciate the steadfast commitment of our physicians, nurses and staff to caring for and serving our community. We value the confidence they and our patients have in this organization, and we hold ourselves accountable to reinforcing that confidence in the days ahead.