Las Palmas Medical Center holds graduation ceremony for babies leaving NICU

With graduation season right around the corner, students aren’t the only ones graduating, as the Las Palmas Medical Center NICU leadership and nurses are celebrating graduation ceremonies for babies leaving the NICU.

“The ceremony was initiated by having the director of the unit gather the Las Palmas Medical Center’s Women and Children staff members that have cared for this baby and lining them up,” hospital officials share.

“The director then presents the parents and the baby with the diploma and turns the baby tassel from the right side to the left side and they proceed down the hall towards the NICU exit door.”

While they are walking the staff cheers and congratulates the baby and the parents for their accomplishments and their support.

During the graduation celebration Las Palmas provide the babies with a special Las Palmas Women’s Center onesie that says “Peace out NICU, I’m moving in with my parents”, a graduation cap with tassel, a NICU grad diploma that displays the birth date, birth weight, and birth length, and current discharge date, weight and length.

Hospital officials share that Paisley – pictured above and below – was a preterm baby born at Las Palmas Women Center and she spent many days in NICU, being fed, cared and loved for.