• February 25, 2021

Yol-Itzma Aguirre

A little about me, I am a proud El Paso, TX native. I have built my career working in national media and both – national and Texas – politics. Most recently, I was selected as one of only a handful of Latina writers (chosen from across the nation) to participate in a storytellers cohort as part of the Yale School of Journalism. I love traveling throughout Texas, finding those interesting stories that are hidden in everyday conversation. I write about people, pop culture, politics and my Texas Latina life; proudly walking through the world with El Paso “nopal-colored glasses” on.

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  • It was great to see my brother, that he,was there 50 years ago and came back to relive that sad moment that changed the world.His passion for his 54 cheve. car keeps him going and looking young. Love You Boy La Negra as he calls me. Why I do not know. Frances Trevino

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