• January 25, 2022
 Letter to the Editor: Leeser, Samaniego – Demanding masks defies science

Letter to the Editor: Leeser, Samaniego – Demanding masks defies science

Judge Samaniego and Mayor Leeser must stop being partisan Democrats and start being public servants.

Start by following the science.  Demanding masks defies science. Every study with humans concluded masks are not effective.  Every package of masks has warnings the “mask is not for medical use” and “does not protect against airborne illnesses.”

If the Judge and Mayor kept up with news, they would be aware of Dr Fauci’s e-mails where he tells others, masks don’t work.  Michael Osterholm, Biden’s Covid advisor, stated “many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out.”

Over a million people have been vaccinated in El Paso with over 135,000 recovered with natural immunity. This does not include the people who had the virus and were never sickened and have natural immunity.

The CDC states: if vaccinated there is no need to wear a mask. A vaccinated person is not a risk or at risk.  An unvaccinated person is not a risk to a vaccinated person. Just science.

After all the lies told by the government, people are seeing the light and are less accepting of politicians restricting their lives.

If you want to wear mask fine just don’t force others to do the same.

 Judge Samaniego and Mayor Leeser, stop your tyranny. Time to get educated, follow the science and let people make their own choices.


Michael E. Perez

S/A DEA Ret.

Gentleman Adventurer

El Paso, Texas


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