Legal Notice – James Warren Ellyson, Executor

I, James Warren Ellyson, Executor, who is identified by Galveston County District Court adult name change order, July 11, 2017, 17-FD-1762, 306th District Court, I am an egressed native Galveston county private Texas national located at Friendswood, lot 3 block one Fox Meadows, at Galveston County, without and excluded from jurisdictions territorial, military, or District of Columbia, b) am the executor to the JAMES WARREN ELLYSON, Estate as witnessed by his sole ability to personally obtain the registrar’s book entry copy CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH unincorporated estate of the same name established October 10, 1968 by testators and testatrix Hershel Edgar & Wanda Sue Ellyson, in holy union, and c) do hereby give notice of same now recorded in the district clerk’s office of Galveston county 8 February, 2019 of the same hereby and herein, and this d) Post Office mailing location thereof:

—By: Executor James Warren Ellyson, of my own right.

Executor Office.
nation-Texas Union.
Layfair Place—930.
County Galveston.
Ellyson Province.
The United States of America.
RFD Near. [77546]