• July 28, 2021
 Letter to the Editor: EP Electric’s proposed power plant contradicts their efforts to support our community

Letter to the Editor: EP Electric’s proposed power plant contradicts their efforts to support our community

On 12/26, the El Paso Herald Post published an article written by Kelly Tomblin, CEO of El Paso Electric (EPE) and Tomblin cites EPE’s efforts to provide community support to El Pasoans, frontline workers, and nonprofits. However, the EPE’s proposed Newman 6 fracked gas power plant and their efforts to gain authorization contradict their efforts to support our community. 

Currently, El Pasoans encounter unhealthy air quality due to the Newman Generating station, which is one of the largest sources of El Paso’s air pollutants.

In addition, it is a giant contributor to the El Paso region’s poor ozone quality which has failed to meet National Air Ambient Quality Standards. If the Newman 6 is approved, pollutants will increase and exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for air quality. Annual particle pollution and ozone air quality can cause asthma attacks, heart attacks, and other serious health problems.

Tomblin claims EPE serves the community, but the EPE’s proposed plan jeopardizes El Pasoan’s health, climate, and economy. The Newman Plant 6 will not generate clean energy, it will emit particulate matter (PM), PM10, PM2.5, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

The Newman Plant 6 is not in the best interest of El Pasoans and it must be stopped. I urge city council, especially my representative Henry Rivera, to strongly oppose the plan and create an effective plan to transition to renewable energy.

I urge EPE to retract the Newman Plant 6 proposal. Finally, I urge Kelly Tomblin to serve the community’s best interest and to be transparent.

Alyssa Garza

El Paso, Texas


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