Letter to the Editor: Mayor, Council need to take action against Central Appraisal District

The Mayor and City Council need to take action to address the out of control Central Appraisal District (CAD).

When the real estate market tanked in 2009 the CAD didn’t rush to adjust property values down, but in this temporary pandemic driven bubble of less than 12 months they have raced to take advantage of it.  The valuation on my home was raised 25%.

When other government agencies and many private businesses are attempting to lessen the burden on citizens, El Paso appears to be taking the opportunity to gouge it’s taxpayers.

We need the CAD to be as deliberate as it was when the markets tanked and freeze property values for at least a year and see how this bubble shakes out.

The burden of their action falls disproportionately on the elderly and the poor who are least equipped to mount a successful protest.

The Mayor and the City Council need to join other agencies in lessening the impact of the pandemic on our citizens, not stand by and seek to profit by it.

Sam Wainscott

El Paso Resident


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