• May 18, 2022
 Letter to the Editor: Who is Tough as Texas?

FILE: Congressman Beto O’Rourke Andres Acosta/ El Paso Herald-Post

Letter to the Editor: Who is Tough as Texas?

Who is Tough as Texas?

As someone who moved from NYC about eight years ago, I might not understand Texas tough but I do know NYC tough. Ted Cruz showed moxie when he went to the Bronx during the Presidential primaries. He stood strong as crowds booed while one lone supporter yelled: “We love you, Ted.” That was tough, even by NYC standards. Amazed I watched him take on candidate Trump for insulting his wife and father.  Where’s that Ted Cruz?

He’s a sniveling coward, who’s kissing Trump’s butt while calling out Beto for not being “Tough as Texas.” I see Beto barnstorming through Texas hitting Red counties. Skateboarding through What a Burger but refusing to back down on his “take a knee” stance. Beto is showing up and being honest with Texans. Now maybe I don’t understand “Tough as Texas” but I see Beto O’Rourke tough enough for this former New Yorker. In my opinion, he’s Texas tough.

Mary Ellen Popkin


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  • The huge difference between Congressman Beto O’Rourke and this FOREIGNER OUT OF THE COUNTRY! Ted Cruz. Is that Beto O’Rourke is a GENUINE TEXAS NATIVE! TEXAS BORN! YOU HAVE TO BE TOUGH! to be BORN IN the State of Texas. TEXAS TOUGH that is….and Ted Cruz is not tough and is NOT HOMBRE ENOUGH to defend his wife Heidi Cruz from Donald Trump saying that she’s UGLY!
    CAN’T GET ANY TOUGHER THAN THAT! unless you happen to be a KickBoxer Martial Arts Expert! Maybe Beto O’Rourke knows Tiquando! And he’s just saving his expertise to give Ted Cruz the finald bodyslam KO! BEAT DOWN!!!
    Since Tuesdays Debates, Beto O’Rourke had Ted Cruz on the ropes the entire hour long debate.
    Ted Cruz didn’t know how to get started with his usual LIES and Mischaracterizing of Beto O’Rourke.
    For starters, When has Congress Beto O’Rourke said that he supports OPEN BORDERS? ALL FALSE ACCUSATIONS by Ted Cruz and his republican MOBSTERS! Beto O’Rourke has never supported open borders. But he does support immigration reform and that includes full citizenship of all DREAMERS! as long as they don’t break any American Laws they should be allowed the path to citizenship.
    And Besides WHO ACTS LIKE A MAFIOSO MOBSTER at all of his HATE RALLIES? The answer is always simple as making toast bread. The NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST Donald Trump!
    Besides that I’m more than glad that we can poke fun at all of CROOKED Donald Trump’s CRIMINAL PROFILE! Something that even Ted Cruz Knowns to damn well is nothing but STRAIGHT OUT FACTS!
    TRUMP/RUSSIA has been going on for decades even Eric Trump has admitted that Russian Oligarchs help support Donald Trump financially. Who Knows, Maybe Vladimir Putin PAID OFF STORMY DANIELS and other many PORN STARS!
    Notice how all the HYPOCRITE Evangelicals NEVER EVEN DARE ask Donald Trump about all of his sexual encounters since it involves INFIDELITY. And in the republican party who doesn’t ever cheat on their spouses. Melania Trump was pregnant with Barron Trump when Donald Trump was busy in action with many Porn Stars. And during the elections of 2016, he supposedly got Michael Cohen to pay out hundreds of thousands of HUSH dollars.
    Anyway my whole point is to Bash Donald Trump every chance I get, as much as all the bigot racist republicans bashed President Barack Obama. They used all sorts of racist tactics, like the BIRTHER MOVEMENT! they insisted that President Barack OBama was born in Kenya, and insisted that he is a Muslim. In which there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH BEEN A MUSLIM! and living in the United States.
    This is a FREE COUNTRY. Something that the COWARD “BONE SPUR” DRAFT DODGER Donald Trump AVOIDED GOING TO VIETNAM to fight like a REAL MAN! NOPE not Donald Trump.
    He wanted to spend the $400 Million that Fred Trump left behind after he croaked! So much for patriotism from a coward. That puts immigrant children inside cages, only Adolf Hitler did this to the Jews as he was able to capture and kill them.
    But most importantly is to be VIGILANT! ESPECIALLY HERE IN Republican Controlled Texas! Already republicans in Prairie View A&M Texas are suppressing African Americans from Voting.
    They are also doing it in the state of Georgia, preventing African Americans from voting by removing them from buses transporting them to the voting polls. And same thing is happening in North Dakota, as republicans are busy suppressing Native Americans from voting. With this bogus street address requirement on their voting ballots, all these Native Americans live in reservations where they all use P.O. Box Office addresses.
    The WICKEDNESS OF THESE EVIL DOER republican FASCIST WHITE SUPREMACIST! We must continue to remind ourselves that we also have them here in Texas. Starting with Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick,Ted Cruz,John Cornyn and lets not forget MAD MIKE!
    The Aryan Brother Clone of Dylan Roof.
    YES BETO IS A TOUGH BATO! and a smart one too, HE’s from El Paso Texas! A city Ted Cruz never knew it existed till Congressman Beto O’Rourke appeared on his radar screen.
    Where is El Paso, SAYS Ted Cruz! I can’t find it on the Map of Mexico!!! is it in Central America? I look there too and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s in Spain……..or even New Mexico.
    El Paso is where it’s always been… in El Paso Texas.
    19 MORE DAYS TILL ELECTION! many out of staters don’t know Texas POLITICS that well! THE UNDERDOGS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO WIN BIGTIME ELECTIONS! the only problem is getting around all the illegal gerrymandering by the republicans. Give them some credit, They do know how to undermine Texas elections by cheating and suppressing minority voters from voting.
    It’s what they do and it’s TIME TO PUSH BACK! by voting as many republicans OUT OF OFFICE! If we don’t get them all now! In 2020 we can finish them off at the polls.
    The make America Great Again is an old line that was once used by Ronald Reagan, another BUFFOON but not as much as a stooge like Donald Trump.
    19 MORE DAYS is all that’s left in the republican controlled house of congress…Then WILL SHOW THEM WHO’S THE BOSS! and who are the real American PATRIOTS! OF COURSE IT’S US, the DEMOCRATS.
    We are not treasonist like the GOP is.
    19 MORE DAYS!
    MAKE SURE YOU GO OUT AND VOTE! it could be our last time as our freedom is at great risk and it can be taken away from us.
    Did you see Mitch McConnell? he’s ready to take away Social Security,Medicare and Medicaid since he considers it an special social privilege and increase to the National Deficit. It’s the republican tax cuts that are responsible for the ballooning deficit by over a trillion dollars and counting.
    They have to own up to it, but they won’t and refuse too, but yet they are gearing up for another round of tax cuts after the midterms are over with.
    BTW! where are these tax cuts for all Americans! if you don’t have $1 millions dollars or more you don’t get any tax cuts is what the real story is all about.
    DEFEAT TED CRUZ!!! make him pack his bags and LEAVE US ALONE! just another out of state carpetbagger is what he is.

  • Mary Ellen, you are an example of what we call Californicating Texas, you should have stayed there.

    • Ann Coulter Kellyanne! aka mad mike! California is where it’s ALL AT! Texas would love to be just like California! The beautiful beaches,the snow cap Sierra Nevadas,Yosemite Park.And all the many great attractions that the Golden State has to offer the world.
      Ever wonder why California is the worlds 6 largest economy! TONS OF JOBS! and it’s a LIBERAL ONE PARTY STATE! NO REPUBLICANS! well they do have some disgruntled NUT JOBS there like Devin Nunes,Dana the Russian Rohrabacher, and whats his face Hunter, the criminal creep that just got indicted. I know for a fact that you could never make it in a great place California,even if your mom dropped you off at DisneyLand for a whole day. You’s end up inside a dumpster before the day was through.
      So yes mad mike Ann Coulter Kelleyanne! even with Donald Trump you would end up getting chased out of the Golden State. Or evicted if you decided to rent low income since you can’t afford or have the work skills to to find a good paying job.
      I know why you are mad, you would have to compete with the many immigrants pouring into California,and your NO MATCH! all people are smarter than you, that’s why the Army dumped you in El Paso you sorry reject!!!
      I would have stayed there and retired there as well, it has way more to offer than what Texas has, and it also has strict laws against republican JERKS.
      And besides California really don’t like racist white nationalist like you Mikey! YOU ARE IN THE PERSONA NON GRATA! “NOT WELCOME LIST!”
      I could go on for days braggadociously bragging about California mad mike, and all you seen in your boring life is Texas? HOW INSANE OF YOU! so I’ll give you one word of ADVISE!
      GET A LIVE! for pete sakes…. you lazy worthless WHITE NATIONALIST SUPREMACIST ARYAN bum.
      California “Mexifornia” ARIBA! Y ARIBA! CALIFA RIFA!

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