Photo courtesy Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez

Letters of Hope reach San Elizario’s Alarcon Elementary School

As the events of August 3, 2019, rippled through the lives of El Pasoans living in and out of the region, for some local educators, school was already in session and they contended early on with what to say to students and reassure parents.

As the days stretched into weeks, the conversation about the events expanded as more details became available; then as all Region 19 schools in El Paso County started, Hope emerged.  El Paso Strong became the slogan, and words of encouragement began flowing in.

Recently, a bright yellow folder arrived with numerous letters of all shapes and sizes.  There was one letter from Principal Matt Russell stating, “we present these notes of positive affirmation to you and your students.”

W.E. Pete Ford Middle School and Alarcon Elementary School are approximately 641 miles apart.  Despite the distance, a special link already existed between the two schools.

Mrs. Nora Garcia, a Counselor at Alarcon Elementary, has a niece, Sarah Lopez-Ford, who is a Spanish Teacher at Ford Middle School in Allen, Texas.

The letters received by Alarcon Elementary School were written by students and other educators from Ford Middle School.

One note stated, “There is still good in this world” and another letter stated “My old family El Paso, a beautiful little town…You all are beautiful and deserve the right to scream, cry, and be angry…But know you are strong.”

Letter after letter expressed compassion and words of encouragement.

“We appreciate the heartfelt letters sent to our students showing the compassion and kindness from the students and administration of Ford Middle School” stated Principal Julissa Esquivel.


Original story posted by Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez