Deadpool Punisher

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody

Knock, Knock, Bang

Who’s this long faced fellow? Frank, Frank Castle. He’s a Pisces, who probably murdered his other personality.

Not gonna lie I wish I could do that, but not even I have that many bullets. Any-whoozer, this guy has issues, and that’s coming from me.

I thought I killed a lot of people, which I have and looked damn good doing it too.

But Frank here, he’s a true artist. Also, don’t call him an artist, or scream like a teenage beleiber when you see him, or ask him for an autograph on your perfectly sculpted rump. He might just shoot you in the face, and by might I mean he will definitely shoot you in the face.

Deadpool PunisherWhat’s even worse? I needed the bathroom, like real bad. To tell you the truth I was going to upper decker him. Look it up.

But since he shot me, I kinda upper decked my suit. Time to go to the laundromat.

Deadpool Punisher 2

I just hope people don’t look at me funny, I like to let the dogs out to run, ya know? When people meet me in the eye while I’m doing yoga in the aisle, it really sets me off.

See ya, readers!

-James Romansky is a graduate from NMSU and has written many Lil’ Deadpool’s Diary Adventure Parodies for Zia Comics in Las Cruces New Mexico. He is the photographer and editor of the photos that correspond with each story of the series as well. A Native New Mexican, James predominantly writes short fiction loosely based off his experiences in the southwest.

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