Lil Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody

Lil Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody

It’s Only Just Begun

I know what you’re thinking… Majestic aren’t I? Why yes, yes I am other Lil’ Deadpool.

Try not to stare at these nalgas people, and take in that sunrise. It’s a new year and I got plenty of bullets, one for each upcoming day. Ok, more like one hundred bullets per day, cause quantity over quality is the name of the game.

Which is my motto in life, I think. It’s either that or hakuna matata. No that’s wrong.  I don’t have abandonment issues.

How about, life is a highway?  Nope. Ok, nevermind the motto, just come back to me on that.

I, your lovely host, will be introducing you to some of Marvel’s biggest names, mine being the most important though. Because it IS my party and I WILL cry if I want to.

I’m here to entertain you for all of five minutes of your day, while you’re doing nothing productive but surfing the Facebook machine or searching the deep dark web, pervs. Not to mention I’ve been paid with a truck load of chimichangas to go on this little adventure, so put on some floaties and reload the comedic genius. Its gonna get weird! See you soon nerds, tootles!

-James Romansky is a graduate from NMSU and has written many Lil’ Deadpool’s Diary Adventure Parodies for Zia Comics in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is the photographer and editor of the photos that correspond with each story of the series as well. A Native New Mexican, James predominantly writes short fiction loosely based off his experiences in the southwest.

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