• July 25, 2021
 Local Adventuring with Annie’s Adventures

Local Adventuring with Annie’s Adventures

Howdy y’all! It has been another two fun filled weeks of local adventures since my last write up. Where oh where shall I begin?

Shall I start with the new coffee shop that’s calling out all local baristas in El Paso’s 1st Barista Throwdown, or maybe tickle your taste buds with cusines such as spicy Thai, more fresh sushi (y’all know I like my sushi), or perhaps soften you up with El Paso’s best pretzel? No… No I think I’ll save y’all a butt load of money 1st.20160213_205208_resized

So I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Catherine from Taxes 4 Tips, aka “The Tax Whisperer.” Never have I ever seen someone get so excited over crunching numbers and trying to find ways to save you some cash on your taxes. She literally lit up when she saw my organizer full of receipts. Catherine helped me go from paying over $11,000 to “The Man” to $4,000.

Mrs. Catherine helped me keep more of my hard earned money and she can do the same for you. She also specializes in local business taxes. They have only been in business a few years but are growing at a rapid pace. They also provide Skype service to help do your taxes no matter where you are. They have customers all over the world.

One thing I also really appreciated was how she took the time to explain everything she was doing to me and asked all kinds of questions to help with my deductions.

There is no set price for them to do your taxes. You pay via Tip! How great is that?! I’m telling you, she’s amazing and I’m totally going back to her next year!

20160218_135410_resizedKopi Coffee just opened not too long ago on Cincinnati off N. Mesa, and they are starting off with a bang. They offer coffee for all the coffee gurus out there and they don’t mess around. They even have a coffee press that runs from a tablet.

Apparently, other than Dallas we have the only other one of those in Texas. They are also the only SCAA Certified coffee shop in EP, coffee scientists of El Paso if you will. Kopi Coffee is calling out all baristas in El Paso to have a Barista Throwdown.

There will be 3 categories – *Espresso *Pour Over & *Latte Art. Enter if you think you have what it takes to win the challenge.20160210_132839_resized

I’ve also  had a couple of *Invites of the Week. The 1st one was at Kern Place Florist which offers fresh, beautiful flowers and chocolate arrangements. That’s right, they have been around for over 60 years and they are now offering fresh handmade local chocolates.

The 2nd *Invite of the Week was at local dance shop, Minuet Couture. They have been serving El Paso for over four years now and offer a20160218_150021_resized place for adult and child dancers to get costumes and accessories.

They also offer dance shoes, gifts, and bags. You can also do custom orders for dance outfits. If you are interested, you can find out more about these businesses on my FB posts of them.

Earlier this week I had the chance to check out this awesome place called The Meditation Studio located off Montana near Bassett Place.  It is a rare occasion when I can sit for longer than 30 minutes and turn off my mind but I welcomed it with open arms.

It was some much needed down time and it really helped to relax and center me. I absolutely recommend that everyone gives this place a shot. You never know, it just might be what you’re looking for to help you unwind from all the craziness in your day to day.

This past Saturday I had a local adventure that started in El Paso and took us to a foodie adventure off in Las Cruces. My day started at the El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market which goes on every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

After the market I headed a couple blocks over to the Rock House Gallery which is home to many local artist’s work and some fantastic murals outside their building. Then I headed to pick up my new favorite local drink, iced coconut latte, from Coffee Box also located downtown.

20160206_160646_resizedWhile I was waiting for my friends to finish working the market, so we could go eat in Las Cruces, I headed up the street to my favorite local comic shop, Asylum Comics, for my nerd fix. Heads up, I usually like to go on Wednesday’s since that’s New Comic Book Day. (FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is May 7th and Asylum Comics always throws down on that day, so mark your calendars).

Once my friends from Ice Creamed Myself got out of the market (they only sell El Paso’s best local ice cream) we met and took a little road trip up to Las Cruces for a foodie adventure.

Our 1st stop was at Renoos Thai Restaurant. The owners wife is from Thailand so you know their food is gonna be great. My favorite is their20160213_170040-1_resized Pad Thai and their spicy coconut mushroom soup when it’s on the soup of the day.

After this we swung by Caliche’s Frozen Custard which was just ok in my opinion. Our 3rd stop was at my favorite LC coffee shop and boutique, Spiritwinds Gift Source & Coffee Bar. Their Mexican hot coaco was perfect.

Finally we headed back to EP to end our foodie tour at Block Table and Tap where I threw down their lobster mac & cheese and my personal favorite pretzel in El Paso.  It comes with their house cheese dip and mustard and to make it even better it’s only $4!
This week’s steak write up is from the one and only, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Fabens. There is little I can say that steak lovers near and far don’t already know about this desert gem.

I went to town on their “Man’s Rib Eye” which is 14 ounces of pure goodness.

Although, they do not have my favorite steak (found at Ruth’s Chris which we will soon Finally have in EP) theirs definitely follows close20160209_173756_resized. This is without a doubt  a “good ‘ol boy steak” and it’s basically the only meal I had been thinking about eating all of last week.

Cattlemen’s is a place you look forward to going to and you definitely want to make plans to not eat anything the whole day leading up to the big moment. What moment, as if you had to ask. That moment that beautiful, hot, medium plus, juicy piece of steak lands at the table in front of your starving face.

Its aroma that makes you feel that everything in life has been leading up to this one specific meal and you are exactly where you need to be. Annnnnnd, im pretty sure their coleslaw is made from unicorn kisses.

This week I also watched Zoolander 2 which was probably best left to the Redbox or the dollar theaters and Deadpool which I totally recommend.  Stay till the very end of the Deadpool movie.

Local businesses and restaurant shout outs –

Some local venues I visited and I ate at the past couple weeks were- 150 Sunset Bistro, Koze Teppan Grill, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, Kangnam Style Sushi for sushi and karaoke, Nour Mediterranean Cafe, Tacoholics for $1 Taco Tuesday, Paper Rock Fork, Gussie’s Bakery, Ice Creamed Myself  (New Apple Pie flavor), A.J.’s Diner, Mario’s Ribs, Sweet De Luxe homemade marshmallows, The Pizza Joint, Joe Vinny & Bronsons, The Red Door Vintage, Dreadful Things, Elegant Consignments, The Desert Gypsy & The Psychic Diana Shop (recently moved locations). Bassett Place for early voting.

*Next Thursday is 2015 1st Downtown Last Thursdays Art Walk

*Other mentionings on Annie’s Adventures was the soon approaching opening of Dave and Busters located in Bassett Place (April 2016), Ruth’s Chris which will open in the Fountains, Outlet Shoppers El Paso Drive-in Theater, and Top Golf’s interest in El Paso.

*Airline International on N. Mesa is having a 40% liquidation sale off everything. They are moving everything to their Montana location so clearing as much out out of the N. Mesa shop as possible.

Every place I mentioned can be found on Facebook and is totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya  😉

Go Local!

-Annie’s Adventures




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