“El Sueño” Film Looks to Shed Light on Dream Act; Features El Paso Cast, Production Members

A feature film with scores of El Pasoans both in front of and behind the camera is set to premiere next week right here in the Sun City.

El Sueño is an 87-minute narrative feature film, which illustrates the importance of Comprehensive Immigration Reform as it follows the story of Raul, a young immigrant brought to the U.S. as a child.

Raul and another young immigrant, Alejandra, are orphaned when anti-immigrant civilians posted on the US-Mexico border murder their parents.

The story shows how they strive to make moral decisions in light of abundant temptations and social pressures, including drugs, prostitution, and gang violence. The legislative debate regarding the Dream Act Legislation and Immigration Reform in general form the backdrop of this drama.

The title of the film “El Sueño” (“The Dream”, in Spanish) refers not only to the American Dream pursued by these two immigrants, but also the significance of the Dream Act legislation, which would provide a path to citizenship for these two immigrants and many others like them.

Lead actor Humberto Castro, epitomizes what the Dream Act is about. Born in Juarez, Mexico, Humberto was brought to this country as a child and, for most of his life, he was forced to “look over his shoulder”, wondering when the Immigration authorities might snatch him from his home and take him from the life he knew.

As an aspiring model and actor, Castro enrolled in several classes at LAT Studio in El Paso. With the story in his heart, he began to write the first pages of what was intended to be a student film project, then he was introduced to Bryan G. Thompson, who read the story, fell in love with it, and the two proceeded to create a full script and production plan.

In addition to producing and writing, Castro stars as Raul, the tormented, hard-working migrant worker, who encounters temptation and roadblocks in pursuit of his dream of a college education.

Diajesma Orozco (Affectionately know in most circles as “DJ”) portrays, Alejandra, the gentle-yet-reckless immigrant, struggling to hold on to a dream that seems to wither with time. Diajesma is a well-known, professionally-trained dancer who stars in the recurring live show, Viva! El Paso

The film also features award-winning weatherman Aldo Acosta, as well as anchor Adriana Lopez of Univision.

The World Premiere of this film will take place at 7pm on May 26th in El Paso, Texas, in a Red Carpet Event, supported by UNIVISION 26 and its affiliates.