Local human rights advocates to hold vigil for murdered, missing labor and environmental organizers

El Paso-area human rights advocates will hold a vigil outside the Mexican consulate on Tuesday to remember the lives of labor and environmental organizers and denounce existing and pending trade agreements that they say increase inequalities and threaten the environment.

“With the onset of NAFTA, Mexico became further entrenched as a country that gives transnationals free reign. And these corporations, in their reckless race for profits, trample all over human rights,” vigil organizers added. “Mexico creates all the right conditions so that the US and Canada can profit here – they benefit from a network of corruption- Canada, through its mining and fracking, and the US are both benefiting from human rights violations in Mexico.”

Via a news release, organizer share their view that that U.S. and Canadian corporations often move work to Mexico precisely because of the low wages, abysmal labor conditions and weak environmental protections there.

Organizers added that Mexico continues to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world for activists, taking a heavy toll on the fight for human rights, freedom of expression, and government accountability in the country.

WHERE: Outside the Mexican Consulate  |  WHEN: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Speakers include:

Lorena Andrade, La Mujer Obrera

Carlos Marentes, Sin Fronteras Farmworkers

Guillermo Glenn, community organizer