• January 18, 2022
 Locomotive FC, Defender Fokobo part ways

Locomotive FC, Defender Fokobo part ways

El Paso Locomotive FC club officials announced Wednesday morning that they have mutually agreed to part ways with Defender Fabrice Fokobo.

“Things never quite worked out for Fabrice in El Paso,” said Head Coach and Technical Director Mark Lowry. “While he is very talented, he struggled to adapt to the culture on and off the field. We all felt it was in Fabrice’s best interest to return home and restart his career somewhere else.”

Locomotive FC signed Fokobo back in January, prior to the seaon’s start.

Fokobo played his youth career with NQSA (Njala Quan Sports Academy) in his home country of Cameroon. His senior career sent him to Portugal where he has spent the past seven years with Sporting Lisbon who compete in the top-flight of the Portuguese league.

He spent stints with various clubs in the Portuguese football system whilst on loan, most recently playing with Real Sport Clube. The 25-year-old midfielder has also represented Cameroon at the U17 level.

Chris Babcock

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